Banner Images

The banner images at the top of each page of our website are all contributed by club members. If you want to contribute an image, crop it to 1200 x 280 pixels and email it to

Window inside Beaverbrook Mall by Peter von Moos
Downtown Ottawa!! by Paula Brown
Canada Geese by Paula Brown
Glorious Sunflowers by Paula Brown
Carp River Gathering of Great Egrets by Ted Timmons
Carp River Great Egret by Ted Timmons
Mississippi at Blakeney Rapids by Bill Robertson
Travelling South by Peter von Moos
Reflecting Spoons by Paula Brown
Pink Moon by Paula Brown
Library Mobile Shelving by Peter von Moos
Young Scientists by Peter von Moos
The Arthur Ravenel JrBridge, Charleston by Carol Brown
Deevy Pines Park by Dennis Lazowski
Red Dragonfly by Amy Lo

To give all club members a chance to have their banner images displayed, only the 15 most recently submitted images will be used.