The Kanata Seniors’ Centre Camera Club (KSCCC) meets once a month at the Kanata Seniors’ Centre in Kanata, Ontario.  To find out more about the club and how to join click on About Us


Fix My Pic for April – Results

For Fix my Pic by David Haggarty

Since we don’t know when out next meeting will be held, we’ve decided to go ahead and post the results of our latest Fix My Pic challenge here.

Some of the members have included notes on what they did to the image and why which you can read in the gallery.

John Williamson

While Walking Though Beaverbrook

On our daily walks in our  neighbourhood , we find stones some residents painted and distributed along paths…

health care.jpg

… to thank health care workers …

Cheer up.jpg

… to cheer you up …


… to make sure you do not feel alone …


… to make you feel strong …


 … to make you happy.  

Peter von Moos

Monthly Challenge for June

PaTtErNs Trees by Thomas Illing

The Camera Club will not be meeting in the month of June, however, members can still submit pictures for the June Monthly Challenge – Patterns – The primary aim of pattern photography is repetition.  The repetition of lines, shapes, colours, or values can result in unique photographs. Try capturing images where pattern is the main subject of the image or where pattern is used to enhance the main subject.


Because of the current and potentially on-going restrictions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, it may be difficult for KSCCC members to take photographs within our usual six-month assignment timeline. In those cases where you are unable take photos in public spaces, you may submit previously taken photos. The only requirements are that your photos are in line with the monthly assignment, and you perform some form of post-processing on your photos during the month of May.

Your images for the June Challenge must be emailed by noon on Friday, May 29th to be included in the slideshow. For details on how to submit photos, including formats and titles, go to our Pictures/How to Submit page.

Your Executive has been working hard creating a program for member meetings for FY 2020/21. A list of Monthly Assignments for next fiscal year will be posted shortly.

Enjoy a Socially Distant Forest Walk

Tree Fern by Ann Williams

Last week I saw a fellow near my entrance way, photographing from the verge of the road. I invited him into my property and he spent a hour wandering about on his own. It got me thinking I could offer an open invitation to all camera club members who would like a walk in the woods. I live 6 km beyond the village of Carp.  I will re-mark some of the trails in the next day or so, but if you are uneasy about going into the woods there are open spaces to photograph. At the moment there are few biting insects, but there are tics, so dress appropriately. Phone (613 839 2747) or email (careysj@hotmail.com) if you would like to come and I will send you directions. I am home.

<Added Later>

With regards to the forest walk invitation, I do not want to dash hopes about a walk in the woods, but exploring the trails myself this afternoon, I discovered it is not a stroll or a walk, but rather a scramble. The once trail is now blocked by fallen large trees and it may be a challenge, in some areas, to locate the old trail. It would be an outing for the most venturesome or intrepid adventurer.

Sue Carey

Don’t Visit the Tulips

Tulips by Amy Lo

During the Covid-19 Pandemic you should follow all public health directives and avoid all non-essential travel.  To reduce the spread of Covid-19 we are being encouraged to walk through parks only in our neighbourhood and are being discouraged from stopping along the way to take pictures, including tulips which will be in full bloom shortly.

Please review the following posts from CBC and NCC:

No tiptoeing through the tulips this year as festival goes online

Tulips in the Capital

2020 Winter Photo Challenge Results

Vitality in Winter-Street Art in Ottawa by Xiao-wei Sima

Members of the KSCCC had another successful year with the 2020 Winter Photo Challenge. This year we challenged ourselves to create a photographic project using only 4-6 photographs focused on a specific topic. A total of 17 photographers submitted approximately 100 photographs on topics ranging from people riding the bus, to winter wildlife, desert flowers and Ottawa’s street art. Congratulations to all photographers!

The Slideshow of the photographic projects can be viewed here.

The galleries of all photographs are here.

Ron Pierce

Monthly Challenge for May

City Light by Amy Lo

With the closure of the Kanata Seniors’ Centre, members of the Camera Club can still submit pictures for the May Monthly Challenge – Night/After Dark. These pictures will be added to our website thanks to Bill Robertson and Catherine Easton.

Your images for the challenge must be emailed by noon on Friday, April 24th to be included in the slideshow. For details on how to submit photos, including formats and titles, go to our Pictures/How to Submit page.

We hope you stay safe and healthy during the Covid-19 Pandemic.