Chuck Desjardins on YouTube

During his presentation for Henry’s, Chuck Desjardins mentioned that he has a YouTube channel. You can find it here. It includes slideshows of his travel photography, other slideshows, and videos he calls “Playing With…” which are mini-reviews.

In-Camera Challenge: Intentional Camera Movement

Because we’re still meeting online in December, we are sharing the slideshow of images from our October Intentional Camera Movement challenge online.

In order to view the slideshow full screen, please click on the Play icon (above) then on the word YouTube or click on this link.

Thanks again to Catherine Easton for creating this slideshow of our images.

Photographer’s Rights, Copyrights, Ethics, & Etiquette

The Mississauga Camera Club has invited KSCCC members to attend their next workshop: Photographer’s Rights, Copy Rights, Ethics & Etiquette

We all love photography but sometimes we wonder:

  • Can I take that photo?
  • Is it legal to take that image?
  • Am I breaking any laws?
  • Will I get into trouble?
  • Is it morally or ethically right to take this image?
  • Do I need a model release?
  • What should I have in a model release?
  • What rights do I have as a photographer?
  • How is my work protected?

These and many more questions will be answered in the 1.5 hour presentation and open to questions afterwards.

About the instructor: Peter Gatt

I always wanted to have a career were I could be in nature all day. I first got a taste of Photography in High School. I enjoyed it so much; that I decided to go to Humber College to pursue it as a career. After working in the photographic retail field for many years, I have found many people asking me questions about photography and if I could help them with photography and help them improve their skills as well.

In 2000, I was asked to create and teach classes at the Henry’s School of Imaging. In 2006, I decide to start my own school,  the School of Photography.  

Time: 9:00 am until 11:00 am

Date: October 23rd

Guests are welcome to attend Mississauga Camera Club Workshops at the cost of $20. Click here to register. Once payment has been received, a ZOOM link will be provided. Please ensure your email address is correct.

If you have any questions or issues, please reach out to: