Photo Exhibition at Galerie Montcalm

There is a free photographic exhibition at the ‘Galerie Montcalm’ in Gatineau. This exhibition is based on RENKU, a collective poetic form. This exhibition comprises 54 photos.

The images are on display from March 16th, the date of the vernissage, to April 30th.

Click here for more information.

Michelle Faber

OFCC Slideshow

To kick off our March 3rd meeting, the OFCC (Old Farts Camera Club) which consists of:

  • Marg Jackman
  • Shirley LeClair
  • Ken Wilson

presented a slideshow of selected images they’d taken during the COVID lockdown. You can review it here.

A special thanks to Marg for her jokes.


Janet Baigent was contacted by a gentleman named HERB BRENNEN who is a local representative of the following group:

Inductees – 80+ Hockey Hall of Fame

a not-for-profit organization that nationally recognizes active recreational hockey players 80 years of age and over.
They are looking for a photographer for May 6, 2023, to cover the 80+ Year Old Hockey Hall of Fame Inductees for 2023.
The organizer, HERB BRENNENm provided the following information:

There will be 28 inductees this year. They will play a game on the afternoon of May 6th at approximately 3.30 p.m. at the SENSPLEX on Maple Grove in Kanata. They will be divided into two teams and they are looking for a photographer for group photos prior to the game, as well as photos of the ceremonial “Face Off” for which they are hoping to have a local VIP do the puck drop.
Then they will play a game (photographer not required here) and then clean up, and go to dinner upstairs at the Sensplex.
After dinner, (estimated to be around 7 p.m.) there will be the formal Induction Ceremony which they would also like photographed. This will be done individually for each of the 28 inductees.
The balance of the evening will be for family & friends to photograph.

Herb Brennen can be reached at:

  • phone:  613-591-0628
  • e-mail address:

If you want to help out, please send an email to