ProShow Gold & Producer

It seems like the company Photodex Corporation, which produces the popular slide show software ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer, is having some problems. Internet reports plus my and a friends attempts to contact customer support verify they are not functioning at they have in the past.  Rumors are they are trying to restructure and may re-introduce to the marketplace. They have great and popular products, but until the company’s situation clarifies I would suggest our members not purchase the software.   

Frank Knor

Fix My Pic for November Meeting

Fix My Pic Sample for November Meeting

The image for Fix My Pic is now available here or, if you prefer to work from a raw file, here.

A few changes for this month and on an ongoing basis.  Firstly, there will be a cut off date for submissions and it is the same date as for the Monthly Challenge – in this case – Friday, October 25th.

Images must be emailed to the regular club email address:

Members submitting images will be asked during the meeting to share their reasons for why they made a change and how they made the changes.

Submissions should be renamed to:

Farm by {your name}.jpg

And finally, Fix My Pic will be every 2 months, alternating with the Tip of the Day.

John Williamson

CAPA Judging Workshop

A Canadian Association for Photographic Arts (CAPA) Judging Workshop will be held November 23, 2019, RA Centre, Ottawa. There is space available so you can still register! The RA Photo Club is the sponsoring club for this CAPA workshop.

You can register here. Payment can be made on-line during the registration. This judging workshop is of interest and use to those who wish to know more about what it is that judges look for in competitions; not merely individuals interested in becoming certified CAPA judges. In fact the vast majority of attendees at these workshops are people who solely wish to learn how to evaluate their work and do better in competitions, and have no interest in becoming judges themselves. The course takes the attendees through a series of modules on each of the various types of competitions: nature, wildlife, landscape, photo-journalism, etc. It is designed to allow lots of time for discussion and practice in evaluating images, judging, and scoring. CAPA’s comprehensive judging manual is provided to each attendee. All that is required is a pen and open mind.

For additional information about this workshop, please email Rod Trider, Mike Breakey, or Glenn Bloodworth, with “Ottawa Judging Course” in the subject line.

Glenn Bloodworth. Past Chair, RAPC

Garry Black to Speak on October 4th

Garry Black will be the featured speaker at our October meeting with a presentation on travel photography.

For 30 plus years, Garry has been leading photographic workshops to some of the most inspiring locations around the world. He also teaches a variety of classes ranging from Impressionist Photography to Fashion Model Photo Shoot Workshops here in Ottawa and across Canada and the Caribbean. He frequently gives seminars and instructional programs to camera clubs and at photo conferences. Garry was chosen as one of Canada’s Distinguished Professional Photographers by CAPA (Canadian Association for Photographic Art). He has been selected as a Manfrotto, Phottix and Sigma Canada Pro Photographer.

Garry’s images have been extensively published in numerous national and international publications where they have been used in advertisements, books, magazines, and websites. They have appeared in National Geographic, Air Canada, Holland America, ELLE, and O – The Oprah Magazine.

For more about Garry, check out his website.

2019/2020 Exhibitions at SPAO

Exhibitions this season at SPAO (School of the Photographic Arts Ottawa) include:

  • Until September 19
    • Fragments: Group show by SPAO graduates
    • Exposure Gallery, 1255 Wellington Street W.
    • N.B. This is not at SPAO
  • Until September 21
    • Alma Haser
    • Cosmic Surgery
  • September 27-October 26
    • Artist Residency 2019 Exhibition
  • November 1-December 14
    • Open House and 2019 Lineage Exhibition
    • O Human Child, Vera Saltzman
  • January 10-March 7
    • Nadia Myre
  • March 13-April 11
    • A+ 2020
    • Annual Celebration of SPAO’s Part Time Community
  • April 24-May 3
    • Exhibition No. 15
    • Works by diploma students

SPAO is located at 77 Pamilla St (between Rochester St and Preston St a few blocks south of the Queensway).

Photography Shows

These three photography exhibitions may be of interest to club members:

Michelle Faber

Members Tip Of The Day — Instructions

You can make any sort of presentation, on any photography subject that you like which might be educational for our membership. You should plan for a presentation of no longer than 20 minutes, as we are time limited on the availability of the hall.

If you decide to put together a presentation supported by your selection of YouTube videos, as I have done over the last 2 years, here is how to put together the document to attach to our website once your meeting presentation is finished:

  • Create a blank word document to which you can attach your chosen videos links
  • Type your subject into the search window in YouTube
  • Look at a lot of the videos on that subject
  • As you watch a video that you think does a good job of providing instruction on your topic, copy the video address link over to your word document. Repeat this process until you have a list of list of 3 to 5 good videos.
  • With each video address, you should show the name that the video was given by the video presenter and make sure to name the presenter for credit.

Your document should look something like this:

Motion Photography.

Videos to watch as suggested by <insert your name here>

Digital Photography 1 on 1:Episode 15: Panning by Mark Wallace from Adorama TV

Shutterspeed – Easy Explained. Photography Tutorial for Beginner by Benjamin Jaworskyj

Canon: Tips for Shooting Vehicles in Motion with Kevin Wing

Have one of your chosen videos be fairly short (3-7 minutes), if you plan to have it shown as an introduction to your presentation. Place this video at the top of your list. Bill or Amy usually download that video to a USB storage device so that it can be played on the club projector.

Forward the document to the club email account one week prior to the meeting.

If have any questions or you would like to put your name forward to do the presentation for a particular month, please get in touch with me as I will be coordinating the program. Remember, it’s all about having fun and learning with photography. My email address is

Phil Tughan