Future Meetings

Just to give you a quick update on plans for future club meetings under the restrictions of COVID-19. As you know it is unfortunately not possible to meet in person, so your club executive is hoping to try online virtual meetings, if the membership interest is there. Other photography clubs have done this, so we hope to use this format to help our registered KSCCC members stay connected with each other and improve their photography skills through regular monthly meetings.

To that end, we have prepared a survey to be distributed soon to our membership via the website. Please take the time to complete the survey and return it promptly, as time is growing short to prepare for a possible September 4th meeting.

Patterns Slideshow Now Online

Because we can’t get together for our June meeting, we are sharing the slideshow of images from our May Patterns challenge online.

In order to view the slideshow full screen, please click Play (above) then on the word YouTube or click on this link.

Thanks again to Catherine Easton for creating this slideshow of our images.

Note that this was originally posted with the wrong title.

Composition Tips

We are lucky to have photography as our hobby.  During this difficult time we still can use our cameras to express ourselves by capturing images we see in our minds.  Composition plays a big role in making our photos most appealing.  This video gives a great summary of some major composition forms. May you enjoy it as I do.  Be safe.

Frank Knor

Fix My Pic for April – Results

For Fix my Pic by David Haggarty

Since we don’t know when out next meeting will be held, we’ve decided to go ahead and post the results of our latest Fix My Pic challenge here.

Some of the members have included notes on what they did to the image and why which you can read in the gallery.

John Williamson

While Walking Though Beaverbrook

On our daily walks in our  neighbourhood , we find stones some residents painted and distributed along paths…

health care.jpg

… to thank health care workers …

Cheer up.jpg

… to cheer you up …


… to make sure you do not feel alone …


… to make you feel strong …


 … to make you happy.  

Peter von Moos

Enjoy a Socially Distant Forest Walk

Tree Fern by Ann Williams

Last week I saw a fellow near my entrance way, photographing from the verge of the road. I invited him into my property and he spent a hour wandering about on his own. It got me thinking I could offer an open invitation to all camera club members who would like a walk in the woods. I live 6 km beyond the village of Carp.  I will re-mark some of the trails in the next day or so, but if you are uneasy about going into the woods there are open spaces to photograph. At the moment there are few biting insects, but there are tics, so dress appropriately. Phone (613 839 2747) or email (careysj@hotmail.com) if you would like to come and I will send you directions. I am home.

<Added Later>

With regards to the forest walk invitation, I do not want to dash hopes about a walk in the woods, but exploring the trails myself this afternoon, I discovered it is not a stroll or a walk, but rather a scramble. The once trail is now blocked by fallen large trees and it may be a challenge, in some areas, to locate the old trail. It would be an outing for the most venturesome or intrepid adventurer.

Sue Carey