Henry Fernando on Contemplative Photography

The featured presenter at our December 6th meeting will be Henry Fernando speaking on “Contemplative Photography”.

From Henry’s website:

Henry Fernando is a photographer based in Ottawa, Canada. His two great passions in life are travel and photography. He believes that travel helps him discover a lot about himself. It provides him with a whole new perspective and understanding of this phenomenal world that we live in. Travel provides him not only with a sense of adventure, but it also opens doors to culture that do not revolve around fast food and social media.

Though originally trained in Biochemistry and later as an IT manager, he was always interested in photography. He experienced a renewed enthusiasm and appreciation for photography after taking a workshop in Contemplative Photography. The workshop opened his eyes to the rich and vivid colour and texture of the world around us.

Henry is trained in Contemplative Photography and studied Zen, Miksang, and Tao contemplative photography.

For more on Henry be sure to check out his website, his facebook page, and his latest eBook You Are Here: A Mindfulness Guide to Travel and Photography.

Added December 6

After Henry’s excellent presentation, he offered us free access to his eBook “Vision 365” available here.

Beaverbrook Library Showcase

The club has now placed our photos in the library showcase (at entrance to Library ). They will be on display until Saturday November 9th .

This is a great way to promote the club and showcase our great photos.

A big thank you to the following club members for their submissions: Ann Williams, Marg Jackman, Shirley Ann George, Deb Bisaillion, Xiao-wei Sima, and Richard Lacey.

Photos will be returned at our December 6th club meeting unless otherwise arranged.

Special thanks to Marilyn Martin and Amy Lo for helping out.

Library “ Ed”

“On Creativity” by Manfred Mueller

The featured speaker at our meeting on November 1st will be club member Manfred Mueller. His presentation will be on creativity.

Manfred Mueller

Manfred is an award-winning Kanata based photographer.  In addition to being a member of the KSCCC executive, he is currently the Chair of the RA Photo Club. He teaches at various Ottawa photo clubs and has been a guest speaker at Ottawa’s La Cité Community College photography program for the past few years. 

He has studied photography at Conestoga College in Kitchener, Algonquin College and the School of Photographic Arts – Ottawa (SPAO). He is a member of Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) and the Photographic Society of America (PSA).  His work has been published in Canadian Geographic and the Ottawa Business Journal.  Manfred is a photographic judge and has recently completed his national level CAPA certification requirements. 

As an avid travel photographer and has visited almost 60 different countries, often in very remote or challenging locations.  When he is not on the road, he shoots local landscapes, urban scenes and people.  He works in the photo studio and uses studio lighting during on-location shoots.

Manfred is a retired professional engineer who spent several decades leading design teams in Canada and abroad.  While most people will not see the work that engineers, architects and industrial designers as art, creativity is a critical factor in ensuring their projects are successful.  In his talk will demonstrate how a workflow that is commonly used by design professionals translates into successful photographic projects.  A project can be as simple as a KSCCC Monthly Challenge to planning and executing a shoot in challenging and exotic locations around the world.

Manfred Mueller celebrating Holi

ProShow Gold & Producer

It seems like the company Photodex Corporation, which produces the popular slide show software ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer, is having some problems. Internet reports plus my and a friends attempts to contact customer support verify they are not functioning at they have in the past.  Rumors are they are trying to restructure and may re-introduce to the marketplace. They have great and popular products, but until the company’s situation clarifies I would suggest our members not purchase the software.   

Frank Knor

Fix My Pic for November Meeting

Fix My Pic Sample for November Meeting

The image for Fix My Pic is now available here or, if you prefer to work from a raw file, here.

A few changes for this month and on an ongoing basis.  Firstly, there will be a cut off date for submissions and it is the same date as for the Monthly Challenge – in this case – Friday, October 25th.

Images must be emailed to the regular club email address: contact@ksccc.ca

Members submitting images will be asked during the meeting to share their reasons for why they made a change and how they made the changes.

Submissions should be renamed to:

Farm by {your name}.jpg

And finally, Fix My Pic will be every 2 months, alternating with the Tip of the Day.

John Williamson

CAPA Judging Workshop

A Canadian Association for Photographic Arts (CAPA) Judging Workshop will be held November 23, 2019, RA Centre, Ottawa. There is space available so you can still register! The RA Photo Club is the sponsoring club for this CAPA workshop.

You can register here. Payment can be made on-line during the registration. This judging workshop is of interest and use to those who wish to know more about what it is that judges look for in competitions; not merely individuals interested in becoming certified CAPA judges. In fact the vast majority of attendees at these workshops are people who solely wish to learn how to evaluate their work and do better in competitions, and have no interest in becoming judges themselves. The course takes the attendees through a series of modules on each of the various types of competitions: nature, wildlife, landscape, photo-journalism, etc. It is designed to allow lots of time for discussion and practice in evaluating images, judging, and scoring. CAPA’s comprehensive judging manual is provided to each attendee. All that is required is a pen and open mind.

For additional information about this workshop, please email Rod Trider, Mike Breakey, or Glenn Bloodworth, with “Ottawa Judging Course” in the subject line.

Glenn Bloodworth. Past Chair, RAPC