Royalty Free Music

If you’re going to publish your slideshows online on where they’re publicly accessible you have to use royalty free or copyright free music, otherwise you may be liable for copyright violation.

Catherine Easton has been doing our camera club slideshows and since COVID they’ve been posted to the club’s YouTube channel. When asked where she was finding the music, she said:

I did a google search on the subject of Royalty Free and Copyright Free music — and lots of sites come up.  These are two that I’ve explored and downloaded some tracks:  

  • Mixkitwhich, in addition to free music, provides stock video clips, sound effects, and video templates
  • Bensoundwhich provides hundreds of royalty free songs in categories including acoustic, folk, cinematic, corporate, pop, electronica, urban, groove, jazz. rock, and world.

You have to be prepared to spend an hour or two researching the various pieces of music — there is a reason why some of it hasn’t made the “top 100 list”.    However,  I’ve managed to get a collection of a dozen or so pieces that should keep me going for the 2020/2021 season of slide shows.

Catherine Easton

DIY Slideshows

We’re starting a series of posts on how to make your own slideshows in hopes than more club members will be inspired to submit slideshows to share at our meetings like the one Debbie and Catherine shared at our December meeting.

The guidelines are here and there’s a (slightly out of date) post here.

We’ll be providing information on how to find royalty free music, on making slideshows with Windows, and with Apple devices.

Stay tuned…

Fix My Pic for January Meeting

The Fix My Pic candidate for this month is from Ted Timmons.  Images are available for download in dng, nef, and jpeg formats by clicking one of the formats in the list below then clicking on the download icon (a downward pointing arrow) in the upper right corner.

Barcelona-Sagrada-Familia as shot by Ted Timmons

Due to the Holiday schedule, for this month only, submission of your “Fix” must be submitted by noon on Sunday, January 3rd.

Images must be emailed to the regular club email address:

Submissions should be renamed to:

Fix Ted's Pic by {your name}.jpg

In the event that you may not be able to participate in the meeting to provide your comments on what steps you did, please include some notes on your process.

John Williamson

Cityscapes/Urbanscapes/Landscapes Slideshow Now Online

Because we’re still meeting online in December, we are sharing the slideshow of images from our October Cityscapes/Urbanscapes/Landscapes challenge online.

In order to view the slideshow full screen, please click Play (above) then on the word YouTube or click on this link.

Thanks again to Catherine Easton for creating this slideshow of our images.