Fix My Pic

Fix My Pic Sample for September

In order to encourage members to tune up their editing skills, the Club has started a new program.  Download the picture here, edit it any way you want and send one version of your final image to  Prior to sending, rename the image to:

Forest by (your name).jpg

We will show all of the images at the following meeting and we will also present the version of the photographer. 

No rules, edit it any way you want, and submit one image to the email address above.

Ontario PPOC New Members Event

Danielle Barabé-Bussières, who spoke at our April 5th meeting, has invited any interested club members to attend the New Members Reception of the Eastern Ontario Branch of the PPOC to be held September 5th from 7 until 9 PM at the Brookstreet Hotel in Kanata.

Danielle says:

Just want to ask if you could kindly inform your photo club members and people you know who might be interested of this event we are organizing. I will be present, as I am a member of the executive committee and would be thrilled to see some familiar and new faces. It is mostly an event to answer questions people might have regarding PPOC etc.

If you’re interested, go online to eventbrite and register for a free admission.

CANCELLED — Full Moon at Pinhey Dunes

From Biodiversity Conservancy International:

Mother Nature is sending her apologies!
The Full Moon Pinhey Sand Dunes Tour will be cancelled due to the weather. With Mother Natures’s Cooperation, the next Full Moon Pinhey Sand Dunes Tour will be the August Full Moon! Thank you so much for your interest and support!

Full Moon at Pinhey Dunes

Biodiversity Conservancy International are organizing a night tour at Pinhey Dunes. This might be a good opportunity for club members to get some interesting full moon images.

For more about Pinhey Dunes including images and maps, see these past posts.

Adobe Lightroom Free Tutorial Videos

There are thousands of these and I would encourage you to do your own searches and look until you find a site where the tutorials and presentation are to your interests.

  1. PetaPixel: This Free Masterclass Teaches Adobe Lightroom in Just 30 Minutes
  2. FixThePhoto: Free Lightroom Tutorials
  3. PhotoTraces: Top Free Lightroom Tutorials for Beginners
  4. Adobe: Lightroom and Photoshop – Creative Cloud Photography
  5. Adobe: Edit, organize, store, and share photos from anywhere

John Williamson

Beaverbrook Library Showcase : May 2019

The Kanata Seniors Center Camera Club would like to thank the following members for their recent submissions:

  • Ian Buchanan
  • Karen Haddon
  • Mary Welsh
  • Doug McCrady
  • Manfred Mueller

Their photos were on display from May 11th for a 2 week period in the Library Showcase at the entrance to the Beaverbrook Library.

A special thank you to Marilyn Martin who helped with the Set Up (need that woman’s touch).  

This is a great way to promote our club  and we have a standing arrangement with the Library for a Spring and Fall Display.

We encourage you to consider submitting your photos (framed, no larger than 10 by 12 please) for the October 2019 Fall Display. A sign up sheet will be available at the September meeting.

Thanks again,

Library Ed (Lascelle)

Insect Seminar

If you are interested in the “critters” that Dr. Pete Dang introduced us to at the Pinhey Sand dunes in 2017, his organization — Biodiversity Conservancy International — is hosting a free one day seminar titled:

Insects, An Indispensable Component Of Life On Earth

It takes place on 1-5 PM, Saturday May 4th at the Central Experimental Farm. For more details, refer to the event poster.