Monthly Challenges

Monthly Challenge topics are designed to encourage members to use their creativity on different aspects of photography.  The list of our Monthly Challenge topics follows:



Because of the current and potentially on-going restrictions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, it may be difficult for KSCCC members to take photographs within our usual six-month assignment timeline. In those cases where you are unable take photos in public spaces, you may submit previously-taken photos.

The only requirements are that your submitted photos are in line with the monthly assignment, and you perform some form of post-processing on your photos in that particular month.

June/July/August – Photograph That Song

September – Black & White Photography

  • For the meeting of October 2nd
  • Submit by noon on Thursday, September 25th
  • A perennial favorite of photo clubs everywhere, B/W photography is the art of capturing a range of values of grey (dark, mid-tone, light) to create compelling and evocative images. 
  • Rather than repeat the time-honoured practice of photographing landscapes, why not try other challenging subjects, such as B/W photographs of people, buildings, objects, food or flowers.

October – Street Photography

  • For the meeting of November 6th
  • Submit by noon on October 30th
  • Street photography refers to photography that captures everyday human activity, usually taking place within public spaces. These activities could include, but not be limited to, unmediated chance encounters or random incidents.  The objective is to record life as it happens in public. 

November – Cityscapes/Urbanscapes/Landscapes

  • For the meeting of December 4th
  • Submit by noon on November 27th
  • Although photographing city skylines, urban areas or natural landscapes is always an interesting and challenging activity, why not try something different.  Try photographing at dawn or dusk, or perhaps at night. How about photographing your kids’ or grandkids’ Lego structure or cardboard-box play house?  Why not photograph buildings or structures from odd angles?  How about panning or multiple exposures?

December – Celebrations

  • For the meeting on January 8th
  • Submit by noon on January 3rd
  • Everybody loves a celebration. Try out your photographic skills by photographing celebrations, big and small. Examples include birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, kids’ and adults’ parties, or maybe just a quiet glass on wine on the beach or a cold beer on the deck in the backyard.

January – Cellphone Photography (Beyond the Selfie)

  • For the meeting of February 5th
  • Submit by noon January 29th
  • What is it with people who insist on taking selfies? Smartphone technology has moved far beyond the selfie craze.  Using standard and well-practiced photographic techniques, photographers are now capturing award-winning evocative images of a wide range of subjects.
  • Experiment with that camera in your pocket and get creative.

February – Creative In-Camera Photography

  • For the meeting of March 5th
  • Submit by noon on February 26th
  • Ever wonder what all those buttons and special functions on your camera actually do?
  • Here is your opportunity to experiment with your camera.  For example, try changing the settings on your camera, experiment with Intentional Camera Movement (ICM), change the colour space, or change the picture mode. Try other functions, such as panorama, HDR, night mode, or starlight.
  • The purpose of this assignment is to create interesting photographs without the use of post-processing techniques.

March – Portrait Photography

  • For the meeting of April 9th
  • Submit by noon on March 26th
  • Portrait photography can be loosely defined as photography that captures the essence, personality, identity or attitude of a person, or group of people, using photographic techniques that include posing, lighting, and backgrounds. Styles of portrait photography can vary from formal to candid, environmental or experimental.

April – Wildlife/Bird Photography

  • For the meeting of May 7th
  • Submit by noon on April 30th
  • Bird/Wildlife photography must be one of the most popular genres of photography in the world. Some of the first “wildlife” photographs were taken of lion cubs at the Bristol UK zoo in 1852.
  • According to CAPA (Canadian Association for Photographic Art) “wildlife photography is restricted to the use of the photographic process to depict all branches of natural history, except anthropology and archeology. One or more extant zoological or botanical organisms free and unrestrained in a natural or adopted habitat”.
  • For those of us who are not bird or wildlife photographers, we may wish to take a more “liberal” approach to the term “wildlife”.

May – Wet/Water

  • For the meeting of June 4th
  • Submit by noon on May 28th
  • Try photographing water in all its myriad forms, from water held in various containers to water splashing on the shoreline of lakes or oceans.  Photograph still waters, waterfalls or raging rapids. Photograph the dew on spiders’ webs in the early morning or raindrops bouncing off the picnic tables of your rained-out annual family barbeque.