Monthly Challenges

Monthly Challenge topics are designed to encourage members to use their creativity on different aspects of photography.  The list of our Monthly Challenge topics follows:


September – Summertime Favourites/Tabletop Photography

  • For the meeting on September 7th
  • Submit by noon on August 31st
  • My favourite summer place
  • My favourite summer activity
  • My most unusual summer photograph
  • Keeping in mind the Table Top Photography demonstration at the June 2018 meeting of the KSCCC, practice various photographic techniques using different subjects and lighting arrangements.

October – “Breakin” All The Rules

  • For the meeting on October 5th
  • Submit by noon on September 28th
  • We all know about the “Rules” of photography. However, what would happen if we did not follow the rules? Can we still create interesting photographs? Create photographs that ignore the “Rules” of photography. For example, ignore the Rule of Thirds, forget about focus, cut off parts of the main subject.

November – Dominant Colours

  • For the meeting on November 2nd
  • Submit by noon on October 26th
  • Our visual world is dominated by colour. How we select subjects, take photographs and view the resulting images are driven, at least initially, by our emotional response to colour. Photographs with strong primary colours (e.g. red, yellow, blue) can evoke very different emotional responses than photographs that have more muted secondary colours (e.g. orange, violet). Experiment by taking photographs that have one of more primary or secondary colours that become the driving force behind the photograph.

December – Wet

  • For the meeting on December 7th
  • Submit by noon on November 30th
  • Contrast, texture, colour, and optical illusions can all be created or enhanced by photographing subjects that are wet. Make photographs where the subjects are wet or that can be artificially made wet.

January – Kitchen Abstraction

  • For the meeting on January 4th
  • Submit by noon on December 28th
  • Photograph kitchen objects in unique ways so as to create abstract images. Examples include extreme close-ups, reflections, light and shadows, polarization, or composite images.

February – What Is It?

  • For the meeting on February 1st
  • Submit by noon on January 25th
  • Photographs of common items or subjects that, when taken at different angles or in unique light or at extreme close-up, force the viewer to try and determine what the items actually are.

March – Monochrome

  • For the meeting on March 1st
  • Submit by noon on February 22nd
  • There is a common misconception that “monochrome” means “black and white”. Black and white photographs are created with varying shades of grey. However, other single colours can also form powerful images. Experiment by making photographs with varying shades of one colour (for example, photographs using varying shades of red, blue or yellow).

April – Negative Space

  • For the meeting on April 5th
  • Submit by noon on March 29th
  • The space around the main subject in a photograph is as important as the subject itself. The main subject and the so-called “Negative Space” must balance in order to make an interesting photograph. Experiment with taking photographs while paying particular attention to the main subject and the space around that subject. For example, take a photograph where the horizon occupies only 10% of the picture space and the sky 90%. Or where the subject occupies a small part of the picture.

May – Solitude

  • For the meeting on May 3rd
  • Submit by noon on April 26th
  • Photographs that portray solitude, aloneness. Photographs that set a mood, either pleasant or mournful.

June – Bridges

  • For the meeting on June 7th
  • Submit by noon on May 31st
  • Photographs of bridges, whether large or small, that include leading lines and perspective. Examples include the Portage Bridge, the Wakefield covered bridge, the Minto bridges, foot bridges, rope bridges, homemade bridges at the cottage.