Monthly Challenges 2023/24

The list of our Monthly Challenge topics follows:


June /July/August – Negative space

For the meeting on September 8th – Submit by September 1st

  • Negative space photography emphasizes not just the subject, but the empty space around the subject. The viewer’s eyes may be drawn to a central figure, but they can’t help noticing the large section of emptiness that surrounds and defines that figure. The emptiness (whatever form it takes) gives definition and emphasis to the subject.


September – Contrasts

For the meeting on October 6th – Submit by September 29th

  • Images that contain two opposing parts – wrinkled/smooth, young/old, clean/dirty, big/small, etc.


October – Leading Lines

For the meeting on November 3rd – Submit by October 27th

  • Leading lines are a compositional technique where human-made or natural lines lead the viewer’s eyes through a photograph to the subject or the heart of the image.


November – Impressionist/Creative Processing

For the meeting on December 1st – Submit by November 24th

  • Impressionist photography is broadly defined as a genre of photography that attempts to convey the general feeling of a scene rather than a literal representation. Photos often lack detail while emphasizing light and colour, and are often soft, dreamy or have a painterly effect. In-camera techniques such as intentional camera movement (ICM), panning, selective focus, and long exposures are often used. Creative post-processing can also be used to create impressionist photos. Try to use both in-camera techniques and post-processing to make creative compositions.


December – Motion/Stillness

For the meeting on January 5th- Submit by December 29th

  • An image that shows things moving (slow shutter speed/panning?) or at rest. Why not challenge yourself by taking a photograph that includes both motion and stillness.


January – Emotions

For the meeting on February 2nd – Submit by January 26th

  • People or animals showing joy, sadness, puzzlement, etc.


February – People in Landscapes

For the meeting on March 1st – Submit by February 23rd

  • People are not typically included in landscape imagery. However, incorporating people into your images is a unique way to tell a story. They can play a main part in your landscape or be a small part of it that helps to emphasize your story and to help to personalize the beauty of the environment.


March – Repetition

For the meeting on April 5th – Submit by March 29th

  • Repetition in photography means using repeating shapes or a repetitive pattern inside the frame as part of the composition. Repetition can also be the image’s main subject instead of just being a tool for photography composition.


April – Strange things or “What am I?”

For the meeting on May 3rd- Submit by April 26th

  • An image that makes you ask “What is that?”


May – The 3 A’s: Aged/Antiquated/Abandoned

For the meeting on June 7th- Submit by May 31st

  • Items that demonstrate one or more of the 3 A’s.

May Monthly Meeting

Coins by Amy Lo

The next monthly meeting will be held on May 5th starting at 9:15 a.m.

The agenda for the meeting is:

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Fix my Pic is Back – again

Select one of your images and submit a before and after version and a short note on what you did to fix the image.

1.  Rename your images to:
Fix my Pic1 by {Your Name}.jpg   – the before image and
Fix my Pic2 by {Your Name}.jpg   – the after image

2.  Send an email to with your Fix my Pic images and a description on what you did to fix the image. In the subject of the email indicate that the images are for Fix my Pic.

3.  The submission date is the same as the monthly challenge i.e. for the May meeting it is Friday, April 28th at noon.

Steve Cain Presenting in May

Steve Cain with his award-winning image Man’s Best Friend at a gallery exhibition.

At our May 5th meeting, the KSCCC is pleased to welcome local Kanata photographer Steve Cain who is a recipient of numerous provincial, national, and international photography awards and owner of South March Studio on Klondike Road. 

Steve will provide background information on his pathways to becoming a professional photographer and will share insights into his photographic vision by exploring several of his award-winning images as well as his personal photo projects.  

Steve is a member of the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) with a designation as a Master of Photographic Arts, and has accreditations in Commercial, Corporate, Fine Art, and Portrait photography.  He is Past-Chair of the PPOC Eastern Ontario branch and was the 2020 Ontario Commercial Photographer of the Year.

See more of Steve’s photography at his South March Studio website.

April Monthly Meeting

Zorro by Barrie Nichols

The next monthly meeting will be held on April 14th starting at 9:15 a.m.

The agenda for the meeting is:

Your images must be emailed to by noon on Friday, April 7th to be included in the meeting. Indicate clearly in your email if your images are for the Monthly Challenge, Photo Project or the Winter Project Challenge. You may send up to three images for the Monthly Challenge, one image for the Photo Project and one image for the Winter Project Challenge.

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Ed Luinstra Presenting in April

Ed Luinstra will be presenting on Macro Photography on Friday, April 14th.

Ed is a recent transplant from Calgary and arrived here in Kanata a year and a half ago. This is his first year in the Kanata Seniors Centre Camera Club. He is having a great time meeting new people and photographically exploring his new surroundings.

Ed has been doing photography since his teen years. He is of a technical bent and spent many hours in the darkroom back in the film days. He enjoys shooting landscapes, people, abstracts and many other subjects. In the last few years, he has concentrated on nature subjects, especially birds and anything else he comes across in the wilds. Some years ago, Ed became interested in macro photography, something that appealed to his technical side. He spends many summer days prowling in weedy fields looking for bugs to photograph.  


Janet Baigent was contacted by a gentleman named HERB BRENNEN who is a local representative of the following group:

Inductees – 80+ Hockey Hall of Fame

a not-for-profit organization that nationally recognizes active recreational hockey players 80 years of age and over.
They are looking for a photographer for May 6, 2023, to cover the 80+ Year Old Hockey Hall of Fame Inductees for 2023.
The organizer, HERB BRENNENm provided the following information:

There will be 28 inductees this year. They will play a game on the afternoon of May 6th at approximately 3.30 p.m. at the SENSPLEX on Maple Grove in Kanata. They will be divided into two teams and they are looking for a photographer for group photos prior to the game, as well as photos of the ceremonial “Face Off” for which they are hoping to have a local VIP do the puck drop.
Then they will play a game (photographer not required here) and then clean up, and go to dinner upstairs at the Sensplex.
After dinner, (estimated to be around 7 p.m.) there will be the formal Induction Ceremony which they would also like photographed. This will be done individually for each of the 28 inductees.
The balance of the evening will be for family & friends to photograph.

Herb Brennen can be reached at:

  • phone:  613-591-0628
  • e-mail address:

If you want to help out, please send an email to

March Monthly Meeting

Yumm by Masuma Rahimtula

The next monthly meeting will be held on March 3rd starting at 9:15 a.m.

The agenda for the meeting is:

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