Denis Rule to Speak January 4th

Dennis Rule

The feature speaker at our meeting on January 4th will be Denis Rule who will speak on composition.

Denis’ Biography

For more than 40 years Denis Rule has had a passion for photography.  He started his professional career as an underwater technical photographer in 1980 and now operates a successful commercial studio in the nation capital.  Specializing in advertising, fashion, dance and portraits.  

For the past 10 years Denis, a training partner for Olympus America, has divided his time between photographic assignments and conducting workshops for amateurs and professional photographers alike.

For more on Denis including examples of his photography, take a look at his website.

Added January 4th

The slideshow Dennis presented is here.

January Camera Club Meeting

Oh so sticky by Shirley LeClair
Oh so sticky by Shirley LeClair

The next Camera Club meeting will be held on Friday, January 4th at 9:15 a.m.

Our meeting will include:

  • Slide show of Member Images from the Kitchen Abstraction Assignment
  • Lighting Presentation by Denis Rule
  • Phil’s Tip of the Day on Mirrorless Cameras vs. SLRs
  • Review of Chosen Photos
  • Member’s Corner
  • Announcements and Closing Remarks

Your images for the assignment must be emailed by noon on Friday, December 28th to be included in the slide show. For details on how to submit photos including formats and titles go to our Pictures/How to Submit page.

The next assignment is  What is it and pictures from this assignment will be shown at the February 1st meeting.

The Winter 2019 Photo Challenge begins January 5th with the first images due on January 18th.

See you at the meeting.

Your Camera Club Executive

Winter 2019 Biweekly Photo Challenge

Rhythm by Ron Pierce
Rhythm by Ron Pearce

Now that the winter weather has finally arrived, it’s time to grab your camera, head outside and take some fantastic winter photographs of blowing snow, frozen water and dim light. Maybe not! Perhaps you would rather cozy up to a nice warm fire with a cup of hot chocolate. Then why not grab your camera and explore the fascinating world of indoor photography.

This year we are offering a Biweekly Photo Challenge. This Challenge is open to all KSCCC Members. You are all encouraged to participate. Any type of camera and any type of post-processing technique can be used.

Topics (see the Winter 2019 Photo Challenge table below) can be photographed either indoors or outdoors.  Each topic addresses a unique subject.  Each topic may inspire you to take a photograph in a different way using different techniques.

All you need to do is photograph one subject in a two-week period and send your one photo to us by the due date. If you can’t send in a photo for a particular two-week period, try to send us what you can during the course of the Challenge. The goal is to try something new that may inspire you.

Submit photos in the regular way using our Club’s e-mail address, with the words:


In the subject line (where # is replaced with the appropriate photo number).

Photo challenges are a great way to look at new subjects in unique ways and to try different techniques. Inspiration can often be found in the most mundane subject.

During the Challenge period, all submitted photos will be posted in special galleries linked from the Winter Challenge page under Pictures on our website. At the end of the Challenge, photos will be compiled into a video that will be shown at our meeting.

If you have any questions, please contact  me by email.

Ron Pierce

1 Jan 5 Memories Jan 18
2 Jan 19 Silhouette Feb 1
3 Feb 2 Favourite Activity Feb 15
4 Feb 16 Movement Mar 1
5 Mar 2 Minimalist Mar 15
6 Mar 16 Selective Focus Mar 29

Library Digital Lab Open

At the Camera Club’s October 5th meeting Gillian Johnston introduced us to the Beaverbrook Library Digital Lab and said she’d follow up with an announcement when  the lab was available for bookings.

Here’s her recent announcement:

I’m writing to let you know the Digital Lab at the Beaverbrook branch of the Ottawa Public Library is now open for booking. We mentioned this room during our last visit, or, you joined us for a tour. The room focuses on preserving and/or converting your memories.

We have more information on our website, including details about the equipment and bookings.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at this email.

You can see pictures of some of the gear available at the lab here.


Monthly Meeting December 7th

wet flower by Dennis J Lazowski
Wet Flower by Dennis J Lazowski

The next Camera Club meeting will be held on Friday, December 7th at 9:15 a.m.

Our meeting will include:

  • Winter Photo Challenge by Ron Pierce
  • Swap Shop
  • Slide Show of Member Images from the Wet Assignment
  • Phil’s Tip of the Day on Christmas Photography
  • Presentation by Ginny Fobert on Photography as Art
  • Review of Chosen Photos
  • Announcements and Closing Remarks

Your images for the assignment must be emailed by noon on Friday, November 30th to be included in the slide show. For details on how to submit photos including formats and titles go to our How to Submit page.

The next assignment is Kitchen Abstraction and pictures from this assignment will be shown at the January 4th meeting.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All members must subscribe to the Kanata Seniors’ Centre Camera Club website ( by January 1, 2019 to receive further emails from the club.  Instructions on how to subscribe can be found on the Get Help page.  If you have any questions or problems send an email to

See you at the meeting.

Your Camera Club Executive

Ginny Fobert

Ginny Fobert
The featured speaker at our meeting on December 7th will be Ginny Fobert. 

My past has taken me in many different directions. From Real Estate and Interior Design, to desktop publishing, writing and editing, home building, project management, and event organizing to name a few. I have always wanted to be a photographer. One boring rainy day in 2011, I ventured out and purchased my first DSLR and just started pushing the shutter button.

M-Y-N-D in Icelandic means photo or image. ‘MYND’S I’ is the name of my photography site. I like that a photograph is made, not taken. It is made in your own mind and with your own eye, and it is slow and considered in its making. I believe that anyone can take a photo, but it takes a discerning eye, a sense of what is around you and a comprehension of how everything is reacting to the surrounding light sources to make a picture. Without light, photography would not exist. In fact light is the true subject of every photograph. Continue reading “Ginny Fobert”

Swap Shop

Picture by Carol Brown

At our December meeting, we will have tables set-up for members to sell used photography equipment and accessories.

Please indicate the selling price and your name.

If the equipment you’re selling is an accessory please indicate what camera models it works with.

At the break, everyone should stand with their items for sale.


Thanks to the Craft Group

Craft Group 20181120The City of Ottawa supports our camera club by providing us with space and equipment.  However, we do not receive any funding from them to support our club.  The club operates on donations from volunteers and other sources.

This year we have had additional expenses to operate our website and image storage costs on our website.  In October we received a donation from the Kanata Seniors Council to operate our website for this fiscal season.  We recently approached the Craft Group in the Seniors Centre and they agreed to pay for image storage costs associated with maintaining the member images on our club website.  We are hoping that the Craft Group will support us yearly with donations to support our website and image storage costs.

We wish to give a big THANK YOU to the Craft Group for their generous donation.

The Craft Group will be having a sale at the Christmas Dinner at the Kanata Seniors Centre on December 13th.  They will have about 6 tables of homemade items, socks, mitts, scarves, hats, sweaters and miscellaneous Christmas items.  Please support the Craft Group by dropping by and you might just find a Christmas present or two.

Flyers for the Craft Sale are available in the front office.