Urgent: Pictures Needed for the Display Case at the Library in January

As mentioned at the November club meeting, the KSCCC will be promoting the club with a display of our work in the display case at the entrance to the Beaverbrook Library (next door), in January. We are looking for a few (5 or 6) 8” x 10” framed pictures for the display. This article explains what kind of pictures are needed, and how members can participate. We don’t have a lot of time to get the display ready, so please have a read below and, if you can help, let us know as soon as possible.

The theme for the January display is: “Winter: A Great Time to Create Pictures”. The display will promote getting outside to take winter pictures, as well as being creative in taking pictures and post-processing of pictures, inside. We are looking for a couple of good outdoor winter pictures, a couple of good indoor compositions, as well as a couple of artistic post-processing examples. The pictures need to be 8” x 10” inches in size in landscape format, and framed without matting in a fairly plain black or silver frame.

We are looking for very good pictures, which KSCCC members are proud to display and which showcase the great work produced by the club. We encourage all KSCCC members to participate. Pictures will be considered in the order submitted. We will be choosing a combination of pictures that complement each other, and best promotes the theme. To submit your picture for consideration please send an electronic copy of it in an email to contact@ksccc.ca, with the Subject line “Library display in January“ and put Attention: Jan & Bruce Turner in the text.

To meet the January date, we need to receive your submissions as soon as possible and certainly by the end of November. This will allow us time to select pictures and notify participants so that they can print and frame their pictures by mid-December.

We know there are lots of great pictures out there, so please take a few minutes to consider helping the KSCCC promote the club.

Jan & Bruce Turner

Beaverbrook Library Showcase

The club has now placed our photos in the library showcase (at entrance to Library ). They will be on display until Saturday November 9th .

This is a great way to promote the club and showcase our great photos.

A big thank you to the following club members for their submissions: Ann Williams, Marg Jackman, Shirley Ann George, Deb Bisaillion, Xiao-wei Sima, and Richard Lacey.

Photos will be returned at our December 6th club meeting unless otherwise arranged.

Special thanks to Marilyn Martin and Amy Lo for helping out.

Library “ Ed”

Beaverbrook Library Showcase : May 2019

The Kanata Seniors Center Camera Club would like to thank the following members for their recent submissions:

  • Ian Buchanan
  • Karen Haddon
  • Mary Welsh
  • Doug McCrady
  • Manfred Mueller

Their photos were on display from May 11th for a 2 week period in the Library Showcase at the entrance to the Beaverbrook Library.

A special thank you to Marilyn Martin who helped with the Set Up (need that woman’s touch).  

This is a great way to promote our club  and we have a standing arrangement with the Library for a Spring and Fall Display.

We encourage you to consider submitting your photos (framed, no larger than 10 by 12 please) for the October 2019 Fall Display. A sign up sheet will be available at the September meeting.

Thanks again,

Library Ed (Lascelle)

Beaverbrook Library Digitization Lab

Last fall some members of our Executive were  provided an early tour of the Beaverbrook Library’s new Digitization Lab and were most impressed . The Kanata  Library has the first such capability in the city of Ottawa.

The facility is now open for business  and the library will be scheduling a special group tour for camera club members in the near future.

You may sign up for one of their monthly tours, by registering here.

In the meantime, you are welcome to start using the equipment in the lab by booking on their website.

Library Digital Lab Open

At the Camera Club’s October 5th meeting Gillian Johnston introduced us to the Beaverbrook Library Digital Lab and said she’d follow up with an announcement when  the lab was available for bookings.

Here’s her recent announcement:

I’m writing to let you know the Digital Lab at the Beaverbrook branch of the Ottawa Public Library is now open for booking. We mentioned this room during our last visit, or, you joined us for a tour. The room focuses on preserving and/or converting your memories.

We have more information on our website, including details about the equipment and bookings.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at this email.

You can see pictures of some of the gear available at the lab here.


Beaverbrook Library Showcase October 2018

A note of thanks to the following Kanata Seniors Centre Camera Club members  for submitting some great photos for our October 2018 Library Showcase: Anne Walsh, Ian Buchanan, Qing Mao,  and Georgia Dale Crichton.

I received a very nice email from the Library saying how beautiful they found the display.

This a great way to promote the club. Also it allows our members to see their photos out there for public viewing.

The display is at the inside entrance to the Beaverbrook Library in the Mlacak Centre  and will be on view until October 15th.

Lib Showcase Rev 1

The Camera Club will be providing a new display requiring about 5 photos (8 by 10 framed ) in October and June of each year .

The display will be available for viewing for a two week period each time. We encourage everyone to consider submitting for the June display . We’ll ensure that different members have a chance to display each time.

Of course , there is a on-going need for photos for display  throughout the KSC and photos can be submitted to Sue Carey for that purpose.

Thanks to everyone for your recent library showcase submissions ,

Library Ed

Beaverbrook Library Display

Front Shot rev1Thanks to Ed Lascelle for organizing, to Anne Jones for helping with the setup and the props (lovely glass pedestals), for Sue Carey for loaning the great old cameras, and to all who contributed images. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough space to use them all.

The display will be there until Monday June 11th.

The club has been invited  to provide a display for the fall  (early Oct for 2 weeks).

The library is very pleased with the display . This is great exposure for the club..

Annes Edge Shot