Beaverbrook Library Showcase October 2018

A note of thanks to the following Kanata Seniors Centre Camera Club members  for submitting some great photos for our October 2018 Library Showcase: Anne Walsh, Ian Buchanan, Qing Mao,  and Georgia Dale Crichton.

I received a very nice email from the Library saying how beautiful they found the display.

This a great way to promote the club. Also it allows our members to see their photos out there for public viewing.

The display is at the inside entrance to the Beaverbrook Library in the Mlacak Centre  and will be on view until October 15th.

Lib Showcase Rev 1

The Camera Club will be providing a new display requiring about 5 photos (8 by 10 framed ) in October and June of each year .

The display will be available for viewing for a two week period each time. We encourage everyone to consider submitting for the June display . We’ll ensure that different members have a chance to display each time.

Of course , there is a on-going need for photos for display  throughout the KSC and photos can be submitted to Sue Carey for that purpose.

Thanks to everyone for your recent library showcase submissions ,

Library Ed