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Q. How do I join the club?
Go to About Us

Q. How do I get help with my camera equipment or software?
A. There are many ways you can get help with your camera, image editing, image composition, etc.

  • The Executive Members are available before and after meetings and at breaks to assist with any questions you may have. They are easy to spot – their badges are marked with a smiley-face sticker.
  • A list of camera equipment and software used by members is available at most meetings. Find a member with the equipment or the software you have questions with and they may be able to assist you.
  • If you need help with the technical aspects of your camera or smart phone, with transferring images from your camera to your computer, with editing your images or with backing up your images, the Kanata Seniors’ Council offers hour long, one-on-one tutoring as described here.
  • Email us at: and we will try to find you an answer to your question.

Q. I want to submit photos for the monthly meeting slideshow.  What do I need to know?
A. Go to Pictures/How to Submit.

Q. What are the Monthly Challenges for taking photos for this year?
A. Go to Pictures/Monthly Challenges.

Q. Who should I speak with to find out more about the club?
A.  Send an email to and a member of the club will contact you.

Q. I want to keep up-to-date with the camera club activities, including receiving email notifications of future meetings.  How can I do this?
A.  You must subscribe to our website to receive emails of all our club activities.  You can subscribe to our website by:

  • Going to and under the Subscribe area (found to the right on large screens and at the bottom on small screens) enter in your email address into the box (see below):


  • If you don’t receive the following message send an email to: explaining that you could not subscribe to our website:


  •  You will receive an email from the Kanata Seniors’ Centre Camera Club asking you to confirm your subscriptionClick on the button labelled “Confirm Follow” in this email.  You are now subscribed and will receive emails of all club activities, including notifications of future meetings.

Q. I don’t want to continue receiving emails from the Kanata Seniors’ Centre Camera Club.  How can I unsubscribe from the website?
You can unsubscribe from our website at any time by:

  • Clicking on “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of any email you receive from the Kanata Seniors’ Centre Camera Club; or
  • Clicking on the “Subscribe” button (found to the right on large screens and at the bottom on small screens) on the website.
  • A screen similar to the following will appear:


  • Click to the left of Kanata Seniors Camera Club and click on Save Changes to Unsubscribe.

If you unsubscribe to the website you will not receive any notifications from the camera club, including notifications of any future meetings