Every Picture Tells a Story

Patience by Ron Pierce

At our February meeting, Ross Laing introduced Every Picture Tells a Story as a new way for club members to share special images and memories. He and Ron Pierce both shared pictures and the stories that made them significant.

Ross explained:

A photograph captures a moment in time. The meaning of a photograph is often ambiguous without context — there is a time leading up to the fraction of a second when the shutter opens, the instant the image is taken, and what takes place right after the shutter closes.  Ultimately, every picture tells a story.

For everyone, particular photographs become special and iconic. 

You are asked to select ONE photograph of personal significance to you and tell the “Before, During, and After” of the image, taking about 5 minutes to provide a narrative about why that moment and that picture’s story are important to you.

If you would like to present your “Every Picture Tells a Story”  image and its story, please email it to contact@ksccc.ca. The deadline for submitting images is the same as the monthly challenge images.

Ginny Fobert presenting in March

Ginny Fobert

Ginny Fobert, an accomplished fine art photographer, will give a
presentation entitled “From Then Until Now” at the March 3 rd meeting
of the Kanata Seniors Centre Camera Club (KSCCC).

Ginny has always been interested in photography. In recent years, she
has focused primarily on fine art photography. Once told that photography was not art, her goal has been to bring photography further into the art world using unique photographic techniques. She believes that a photograph is made, not taken.

“Photography is made in your own mind and with your own eye. It is slow and considered in its making. It can indeed be art”. Ginny has had numerous solo shows and has been involved in multiple art festivals and exhibitions within the city of Ottawa and across Ontario.

To view Ginny’s photography, visit:
Website: www.mynds-i.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mynds.i
Instagram: www.instagram.com/mynds_i
Twitter: www.twitter.com/mynds_i

New pictures hanging in the Seniors Centre

We have a new group of KSCCC member pictures now up in the Seniors Centre. Please wander around and check them out the next time you are at the centre. Thanks to photographers, Elizabeth Wallis, Carol Brown, Tom Illing, Jay-Dee Purdie, Al Dobson, and Georgette Mueller for their contributions.

As a reminder, the KSCCC is looking for additional pictures to hang in the Seniors Centre, and we encourage all club members to contribute.  For more information on how to participate, please check out the following post or send your questions to contact@ksccc.ca to the attention of Jan and Bruce Turner.

Jan and Bruce Turner

Get to Know Your Camera

Friday, February 24, 2023
1:30-3:00 p.m.
Hall C, Kanata Seniors Centre

The Get to Know Your Camera presentation/workshop is designed for KSCCC members who are new to photography or for intermediate-level photographers who have a new camera or want to brush up on some of the main features of their camera. This session includes hands-on activities with your camera; therefore, attendance is limited to 25 participants.

It is necessary to bring your camera to this workshop. It may be helpful to bring your camera manual as well.

Topics explored include:

  • Types of Digital Cameras (DSLR vs. Mirrorless vs. Compact)
  • Main parts of your camera
  • Key buttons and features (ex. shooting modes, metering modes,
    focus points, JPEG vs. RAW, etc.)
  • Sensor sizes
  • Camera & Lens Care
  • “Next step” photo accessories (ex. tripod, filters, etc.)

The presentation and activities will take approximately 1.5 hours.

If you want to attend this workshop, either email contact@ksccc.ca or fill in the signup sheet at our meeting on February 3rd.

February Monthly Meeting

Talented Hands by Paula Brown

The next in-person monthly meeting will be held on February 3rd starting at 9:15 a.m.

The agenda for the meeting is:

Your images for the monthly assignment and the Winter Project Challenge must be emailed to contact@ksccc.ca by noon on Friday, January 27th to be included in the slideshow. You may send up to three images for the monthly assignment and one image for the Winter Project Challenge.

If you do not receive an email confirming that your images have been received, send a follow-up email to contact@ksccc.ca. For details on how to submit photos, including formats and titles, go to our Pictures/How to Submit page.

We are always looking for slideshows from members which will be shown, when time permits, during our monthly meetings. If you need help putting together a slideshow send an email to contact@ksccc.ca . For a list of all posts on how to make a slideshow refer to our website menu Pictures/Make a Slideshow.

The next monthly assignment is Still Life and the next Winter Challenge is The End of the Beginning. Both of these will be shown at the meeting scheduled for March 3rd.

See you at the meeting

Call for Pictures for the Seniors Centre

This further defines the process explained in the following post.

As a reminder, the KSCCC is looking for pictures to hang in the Seniors Centre.  Our plan is to change the pictures three times a year: at the end of January; the end of May; and, the end of September.  This will keep things fresh for Seniors Centre visitors and give all KSCCC members more opportunities to show their work.  We’re looking for pictures of broad interest (P.G. of course!)  Travel, nature, wildlife, landscapes, architecture, people, creative and macro work, are all good subjects.

If a club member has a picture they would be proud to display at the Seniors Centre, they can submit it by printing an 8” x 10” glossy finish photo, in either portrait or landscape format and dropping it off at the front desk of the Seniors Centre, in an envelope addressed to the KSCCC, Attention Jan and Bruce Turner.

Pictures will generally be accepted on a first come first serve basis, however priority will be given to pictures from new members and members who have not recently had a picture displayed in the centre.

If you have any questions or comments, please send them to contact@ksccc.ca, Subject: Attention Jan & Bruce Turner or talk to Jan or Bruce at the next meeting.  We’re looking forward to your participation, and the Seniors Centre is excited to see your new work. 

Jan & Bruce Turner