In-Camera Project Challenge

The main objective of this challenge is using in-camera techniques to produce “special effects” and to learn more about your camera and its features

A range of ten topics have been chosen, keeping in mind our club’s primary objectives of including challenges for all levels of photographic experience and fostering life-long learning. 

Some topics will challenge our more experienced photographers, while others will be less intimidating to members who are less experienced.  A suite of topics should allow members to select one or more (or all) topics to work on over several months

This challenge does NOT mean you can not use any “Photoshopping”, BUT Photoshop, or other image editing software, is limited to exposure, straightening, cropping, contrast, saturation, etc. and is not to be used to achieve the objective of the challenge.

Starting in October, 2021 and approximately every two months a topic will be presented at the meeting with examples and links to websites that will provide other hints and tips. 

Please note that these special challenges are totally independent from the regular Monthly Challenge.

Submitting Pictures

Select one image from a topic to present at a camera club meeting.  Submit your image using the same procedure as you do for the Monthly Challenge.  When you submit, include in the subject line of your email, that the image is for the In-Camera Project Challenge and the topic that it represents.  Let us know in your email if you wish to briefly discuss during the meeting how you created your picture.

If it takes you longer to work on a challenge and you miss the deadline to submit, you can still send in your image by May 20th to be shown at the June meeting. 


The topics for this In-Camera Project Challenge are Camera Movement, Focus (Depth of Field, Soft Focus, Selective Focus and Bokeh), Manual Mode, Black and White, Exposure Creativity, Embrace the Grain, Extreme Perspective, Worm’s Eye View, Light Painting and Slow Sync Flash. 

See below for a further explanation of each topic, when it will be explained at a meeting and when to submit your pictures.  You may suggest other training videos or websites for the topics by sending an email to

Topic: Camera Movement
Submit by noon on November 20th

Zoom in and out to create a 3-D effect. For more advanced photographers, zoom with a slow sync flash to create some real drama

Mike Browne – How to Shoot a Zoom Blur effect

Motion Blur, panning, rotating (or doing weird things with your camera). These techniques are a lot harder to master than one would assume. We can all create blurry photos, but to create impressionistic photos is another matter.

Photo Tom – Intentional Camera Movement Photo Challenge

Focus Topics: Depth of Field, Soft Focus, Selective Focus and Bokeh
Submit by noon on January 21st

Depth of Field

Photography Life – How to use Depth of Field in Photography

Depth of Field Calculators: PhotoPills, DOF Master

Soft Focus

Mike Moats – How to Create Artistic, Dreamy, Soft Focus Flower Photography

Selective Focus

       Adorama – Selective Focus: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace     


B&H Photo Video – Top 7 Ways to Create Buttery Bokeh
The School of Photography – Bokeh Photography – The Easy Way  

Topic: Manual Mode or Getting Off Auto
Submit by noon on March 18th

Get back to basics and learn the relationship between shutter speed, aperture, and ISO

Hyun Ralph Jeong – How to Shoot Manual in 10 Minutes – Beginner Photography Tutorial

When to use Tv or Av priority

Tony and Chelsea Northrup – Which Camera Mode Should You Use? P, A, S, M, Tv, Av

Topics: Black and White (or monotone), Exposure Creativity, Embrace the Grain
Submit by noon on May 20th

Black and White (or monotone)

We can all convert an image to B/W in post-processing, but visualizing in B/W and then taking the image is a different technique that takes a lot of practice.

Photo Genius – How to Shoot Black and white in Canon, Nikon or Fujifilm. Photography Tips for Beginners

Exposure Creativity

Hi key or Low key

Photography Course – How to Effectively Take Great Photos Using Low Key Lighting

Pangolin Wildlife Photography – How to Shoot High Key Photography Outdoor – High Key Hippo in The Water

Embrace the Grain

A favourite in-camera technique. It involves cranking the ISO to the maximum to create a lot of grain (noise). It works best with B/W in-camera photography, but I have also used it for macro shots of flowers. However, this may be a bit more challenging with new, higher-end cameras that accommodate extreme ISO levels.

Click here for ideas of How to Take Grainy Photos.

Topics: Extreme Perspective, Worm’s Eye View
Submit by noon on May 20th

Extreme Perspective

We have “Perspective” as one of our monthly challenges. However, it may be interesting to try “extreme perspective” that really distorts an image

Forced Perspective Photography

Worm’s Eye View

Get down and go very low

The Art of Photography – Photography Using Low Angles

Topics: Light Painting
Submit by noon on August 19th

Light Painting

This is a good technique to learn but does require some specialized equipment

B&H Photo Video – 5 Light Painting Photography Tips with Susan Magnano
Jordi Koalitic – 10 Light Painting Photography Ideas (tutorial)