Ross Laing Presenting in January

Ross Laing will be presenting Buying Used Photography Equipment at our meeting on Friday, January 8th, 2021.  He has been a keen amateur photographer for over 50 years and shoots a variety of genres. Ross especially enjoys taking images of landscapes and abstracts. A career as an educator took him to many countries and encouraged his interest in travel photography. More recently he has been focused on developing both macro and portrait photography skills. Ross is an active member of the RA Photo Club and is nearing completion of the Photography Techniques Program at Algonquin College.

Overview of Ross’ Presentation:  When you know what to look for and where to look, buying used camera equipment can provide an affordable approach for expanding your photography. Many people take excellent care of their photo equipment and when they choose to sell, there are opportunities for real bargains and chances to explore and experiment with new photographic options you may not have ever considered or thought too expensive.

His presentation will focus on the things to look for when buying used equipment, whether a camera, lenses or accessories, and will provide information on a wide variety of sources for purchasing used photographic equipment. During the presentation, information on various websites will be provided to demonstrate the range of sources available for finding used equipment.  Ross will also tell the stories behind a selection of the used equipment he has acquired over the years. Some of the discussion will emphasize the benefits of considering legacy glass and collecting older equipment as a hobby.  The process for buying used photo equipment demonstrated in the presentation can be applied to all brands of cameras.  There will be time allotted during the presentation for questions and answers.