June Meeting

Our June meeting is our Member’s Day and it is dedicated to you, our members. For this meeting we will have Ask a Question and be presenting Member Slideshows. We are all looking forward to seeing your photographs and videos, and to your continued active participation in the activities of our club.

Ask a Question

We are going to attempt something a little different for part of our June meeting. It’s your turn to “Ask a Question”.  Perhaps you have a question such as “What is an f/stop and why should I care?”, “What is dodge and burn and how to I use it?”, “How do I photograph the milky way?”, “Where is the best place to photograph orchids?”, “How can I help make our club even better?” 

Your questions could be about some technical aspect of photography, how to use a certain feature of your camera, what type of equipment you should buy, the best places around the area to take pictures or any other question related to photography or to our camera club.

We will attempt to find answers to your questions.  During the meeting you are encouraged to participate by also suggesting answers. Send your question to contact@ksccc.ca by noon, Friday, May 14th.

Member Slideshows

You can make and submit a slideshow of pictures/videos that you have taken on any subject that interests you. For information on how to make a slideshow, including software that can be used to create one, refer to Pictures/Make a Slideshow on our website. Email your slideshows along with a one paragraph description to contact@ksccc.ca by noon, Friday, May 28th.

Email contact@ksccc.ca if you have any questions, do not know how to create a slideshow or want one created for you .