Monthly Challenges 2021/22 – A Sneak Peek

With our current season winding down, we are busy planning for our new 2021/22 season. This includes identifying interesting and challenging topics for our monthly challenges, as well as searching for speakers who are willing to give presentations to our members at our monthly meetings.

With the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, planning for our new season is proving to be challenging. It is too soon to know if we will have in-person meetings starting this September or whether we will need to continue with virtual meetings.

However, we thought that members would like to have a “sneak peek” at the topics for our monthly challenges for the new season. For those photographers who like to get a jump start on their photography, the following is the list of topics.

Summer Challenge 
Canada, eh!

Monthly Challenges
Landscapes (natural, altered, city, urban)
Fast/Slow Shutter Speed
Shapes (lines, curves, geometry)
Wall Art/Building Decorations/Graffiti
Guilty Pleasures

A full listing of topic descriptions appears on our website here . Due dates for each challenge will be posted shortly after our June meeting. Stay tuned for updates.

Ron Pierce