Ross Laing Presenting in January

Ross Laing

We are pleased to welcome back Ross Laing, a member of our KSCCC family, to give us a presentation on “Getting Your Images Off Your Computer” at our  Friday, January 7th, 2022 meeting.

Remember when we used to share photos through photo albums…. or when we could sift through and reminisce about trips or family events through the pictures stored in shoeboxes? These days we may post images on social media, but they tend to be very temporary and never seem to have the legacy or take on the iconic status of the old shoebox photos. How many of us have thousands upon thousands of images hiding somewhere on a computer hard drive, never or rarely ever to be seen by others? Ross’ presentation will explore several ways by which we can share our photography with others, with a particular emphasis on the creation of photobooks as a means of preserving memories and sharing our creativity with wider audiences.

Ross has been a keen amateur photographer for over 50 years and shoots a variety of genres. Ross especially enjoys taking images of landscapes and abstracts. A career as an educator took him to many countries and encouraged his interest in travel photography. More recently he has been focused on developing both macro and portrait photography skills. Ross has recently completed the Photography Techniques Program at Algonquin College.