Ted Timmons Presenting in March

Ted and Griffin

Ted Timmons will give a presentation entitled “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!, Oh, the Things You’ll See!, Oh, the Money You’ll Spend!, My Journey in the World of Underwater Photography ” on Friday, March 4th, 2022.

Ted started on his journey with photography when his grandfather gave him a rangefinder camera when he was a young lad. The journey did not move along much until high school when he got his first SLR and was part of the yearbook team. Life got in the way in the form of work and family putting photography into the hobby category. He traded in the SLR for a point and shoot.

Ted started diving in 2001 and that sparked the joy of photography again. He progressed from a simple housing for a Canon Powershot A70 (3.2 megapixels!) through to a Nikon D70 (almost state of the art in digital at the time) and a few other cameras as the capabilities improved. His current camera is a Nikon Z6.

Scuba became more than a hobby as Ted became an instructor, which he did for nine years. Now a retired instructor, he has reclaimed the thrill of diving for just the enjoyment.

Ted dives locally with a small group of friends that share the enjoyment of diving and the social gathering. Joanne, his wife of 42 years, took up diving in 2003 after seeing a few photos of the underwater world. Together they have travelled around the globe to enjoy the wonders of the underwater world.