Mike Giovinazzo Presenting in April

Mike Giovinazzo

Mike joined his first camera club over 40 years ago and was immediately encouraged when he started winning photographic awards in local and Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) competitions. One of the guest speakers at that camera club was a pro who outlined the realities of running a photography business. This really resonated with Mike who had started down the road to weddings, portraits and events.  He then realized photography as a career could kill the spark so he focused on it as an avid hobby and more artistic pursuit.

A born mentor and teacher Mike focuses on sharing his passion and experience with others.  He supports several local camera clubs in various capacities and also runs a huge Ottawa-based photo interest group that has grown to over 2600 members under his leadership. He hosts a wide range of photographic opportunities for local photographers of all skill levels.

Session outline

Lightroom has evolved immensely since it was first introduced. Initially it was mainly an image management tool, with some editing capabilities. Today, it boasts some very sophisticated editing capabilities. So much so that 95% of his edited images never go to Photoshop.

This session is aimed at intermediate photographers with a good grasp of Lightroom’s basic editing functions (like cropping and exposure adjustment). Together we’ll walkthrough some of the more advanced editing features which allow the creative photographer to go well beyond making the image look “better”. Instead, you’ll see how you can redefine the mood and message of your images.

A few examples include:

  • day to sunset
  • summer to fall
  • adding dramatic light
  • color swapping
  • adding bokeh
  • to name a few

In the process, you will learn Lightroom’s latest features for masking including subject and/or sky selections.¬†

See more of Mike’s images on Instagram and his Website