Every Picture Tells a Story

Patience by Ron Pierce

At our February meeting, Ross Laing introduced Every Picture Tells a Story as a new way for club members to share special images and memories. He and Ron Pierce both shared pictures and the stories that made them significant.

Ross explained:

A photograph captures a moment in time. The meaning of a photograph is often ambiguous without context — there is a time leading up to the fraction of a second when the shutter opens, the instant the image is taken, and what takes place right after the shutter closes.  Ultimately, every picture tells a story.

For everyone, particular photographs become special and iconic. 

You are asked to select ONE photograph of personal significance to you and tell the “Before, During, and After” of the image, taking about 5 minutes to provide a narrative about why that moment and that picture’s story are important to you.

If you would like to present your “Every Picture Tells a Story”  image and its story, please email it to contact@ksccc.ca. The deadline for submitting images is the same as the monthly challenge images.