Your Executive

Here is your Camera Club executive hard at work planning your next meeting:


Seated: (L-R) Sue Carey, Barrie Thomas, Marg Jackman, Fraser Campbell.

Standing: (L-R) Frank Knor, Stu Moxley, Ken Wilson, Louise Robert.

Missing: Amy Lo, Catherine Easton, and John Williamson.

Please don’t hesitate to approach us with feedback about how we’re doing and ideas for things you’d like us to do in the future.


Member Photos on Display at KSC

Here’ a note from Sue Carey about the club member photos displayed at the Centre:

Thanks to everyone who has given us 8×10 photos to be displayed in the KSC. It is gratifying to have such willing participants!

Unfortunately, there has been a delay in changing the display because of difficulty in the framing process. We hope to remedy that problem after talking with the framer and having an adjustment to the brads that hold the backing in place.

We are still looking for photographs. We have the next six ready to go as soon as we resolve the problem. We are still interested in receiving photos to have a supply on hand so we can keep the display ongoing – once we get it going! You may give Louise Robert or me (Sue Carey) an 8×10 photo of your choice, either at a meeting, or leaving it in our name at the front desk of the KSC.

Jim Cumming helps Grassroot Grannies

At the November meeting we enjoyed a wonderful slide show of nature photographer Jim Cumming’s photos.  Following the meeting, Martha Bohm contacted him to see if he would consider allowing her to use 5 of his photos for cards her group, The Grassroot Grannies, sell in support of the Grandmothers’ Campaign of the Stephen Lewis Foundation.  He replied that he would be honoured to do so, and these 5 images were chosen:


These cards have been extremely popular, and the Grassroot Grannies are very grateful for his generosity.

If you would like to purchase cards, please contact Martha by email.

Photography Cartoon Strip

Aaron Johnson publishes an almost daily cartoon strip making fun of photography called What The Duck featuring a duck who’s also a photographer. As you may have inferred from the title, it can sometimes be a little NSFW (Not Suitable For Work) but compared to Marg’s jokes it’s pretty tame.

Alternate Free Photo Editors

If you’re looking for a photo editor for your desktop (Windows, chromebook, or Mac), tablet (android or iPad) or smart phone (android or iPhone) you might want to try pix PIXLR. The desktop version runs in a web browser and has a lot of the capabilities of Photoshop Elements including layers. The tablet and phone apps are less capable.

If you’re looking for an online editor that can process RAW files try POLARR. It has lots of capabilities but its user interface is quite different from Photoshop Elements.

Henry’s Kanata

Thank you to Alex and Jamie from Henry’s Kanata


for their great presentations on:

  • flash card ratings
  • using WiFi with your camera
  • advantages and disadvantages of mirrorless camera
  • different camera sensor sizes
  • some new longer telephoto lenses from Sigma and Tamron

Alex also explained that Henry’s offers a 10% discount on what she called “soft goods” (batteries, ink, bags …) to club members with a Kanata Seniors Centre membership card.

Photography at National Gallery

On Friday, Scotiabank announced a $10 million gift to the National Gallery to create the Canadian Photography Institute.

This article in the Ottawa Citizen and the Gallery’s CPI web page give more details.

Hopefully this means more gallery shows of photography, missing since the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography closed its Rideau Street location.