Member Photos on Display at KSC

Here’ a note from Sue Carey about the club member photos displayed at the Centre:

Thanks to everyone who has given us 8×10 photos to be displayed in the KSC. It is gratifying to have such willing participants!

Unfortunately, there has been a delay in changing the display because of difficulty in the framing process. We hope to remedy that problem after talking with the framer and having an adjustment to the brads that hold the backing in place.

We are still looking for photographs. We have the next six ready to go as soon as we resolve the problem. We are still interested in receiving photos to have a supply on hand so we can keep the display ongoing – once we get it going! You may give Louise Robert or me (Sue Carey) an 8×10 photo of your choice, either at a meeting, or leaving it in our name at the front desk of the KSC.