Next Camera Club meeting

Meeting delayed one week

Because of the Seniors Centre open house on September 2nd, the next meeting of the Kanata Seniors Center Camera Club will be delayed until September 9th, 2016 starting at 9:15 at the Kanata Seniors Centre, 2500 Campeau Drive, Kanata Ontario K2K 2W3.


Please  note: All assignment and review images must be sent to the club’s email before noon, Friday, September 2nd, 2016.

Due to the extended summer break, at the June meeting the club gave three separate topics for the summer assignment:

Summer – images depicting your concept of summer. This could be your kids playing in the yard, a family bar-b-que, playgrounds, end of or start of school, festivals, the outside, the sun or anything else that your imagination would consider to represent “summer”.

Water – images that show water. This might be a poolside shot, images from a trip to the beach, the lake, river, ocean or any other body of water, kids running and jumping through the sprinkler, puddles after a rainstorm, just to name a few suggestions. Let your imagination run wild.

Gardens/gardening – images that show either the act of gardening, or the resulting gardens. This becomes a fairly broad topic that could show either world class gardens you have visited on your travles, right up to you own garden at home. beautiful images of flowers, shrubs, vegetables, even just lawns are just a few of the full range of shots that could reflect this theme.

Images are due before noon Friday September 2 2016.


At a recent meeting of the executive of your club, the newsletter shutterBUG was discussed. In basic terms, all of the information that was put into the newsletter is all readily available on the website, under the tab of “news” or elsewhere on our site. This being the case, it was felt that the newsletter is redundant. Considering the effort that went into putting the newsletter together, and considering the previous assessment, we have decided to cease production of the shutterBUG effective immediately. As such, there will be no further issues, June 2016 will be the last production.

Scheduled Club Shootouts

Your club has made plans for various “Shootouts” over the coming year. Details of the following “Shootouts” will be provided and/or reviewed at the next meeting:

Carp Fair

  • When: Thursday, September 22nd, 2016 starting at 6:00 pm
  • Meeting location: The Rotunda building, located at the Carp Fairgrounds
  • Topic: The fair activities including, since this is an evening event, the midway, rides, etc.
  • Rain date: Friday, September 23rd, same time and place.

Butterfly Show

  • When: Wednesday, October 5th, 2016 starting at 9:30 am
  • Meeting location: Carleton University Campus The Nesbitt Biology Building
  • Further Activity: get together for lunch (at your own cost) in the cafeteria in the University Centre Food Court building starting at 11:00 am