Henry’s Kanata

stu-and-gregThanks to Alexandra Leask and Greg Pilsworth from Henry’s Kanata for their interesting presentation at our December meeting and for answering all our questions during the break.

Alexandra discussed the following:

  • Sandisk SD cards come with an offer for a free trial version of their file recovery  software
  • SD cards and what all the numbers mean. You can get your own copy of her handout by clicking here.
  • The Canon CS100 1 TB external drive can be used without a computer to back up images from memory cards. It has WiFi so can connect directly to computers and  smart TVs.
  • Smart phone photography as “the camera you carry” – better than the one you leave at home
  • XQD memory cards which are a new standard for fast reliable storage supported by the Nikon D500. A replacement for CF the old card standard
  • sensor sizes based on the image in this article

Alexandra pointed out that all the staff at Henry’s are avid photographers and that they welcome questions. Specifics (hours and location) of Henry’s Kanata store are here. The Henry’s web site is here.

You can email Alexandra here and Greg here.