“Fixed in Post” Assignment

If you’ve looked at the list of upcoming monthly assignment on our Galleries page, you might have noticed the March assignment is called “Fixed in Post” and wondered what it was all about.

When we see an interesting landscape, person, event or scene, we grab our camera and take a photograph. However, oftentimes the photograph we capture with our camera is not quite what we had originally imagined.

Many photographers, from amateur to professional, do some form of editing or enhancement of their photographs. Photographic editing can range from straightforward techniques such as straightening a horizon, cropping, and fixing red-eye to more challenging techniques such as highlights/shadows, tonal adjustment and sharpening.

The March assignment “Fixed-in-Post” will give Club members an opportunity to submit original (straight out of the camera) and edited photographs. Please keep in mind that the deadline for submitting photographs is noon, March 31st.

All Club members are encouraged to submit ONE original photograph (straight out of the camera with no editing) rather than the usual three photographs that are normally submitted:

  • For members who do some editing, please submit your one original photograph (straight out of the camera in jpeg format). Also please submit the edited/enhanced version of your original photograph.
  • For members who do no editing, please submit one original photograph.
  • For members who do not usually submit photographs, please consider submitting a photograph.

At the April 7th meeting, we will view the submitted photographs, discuss various editing techniques and perhaps learn some new editing skills. We hope to promote an interactive, learning environment and encourage all members to send in photographs and participate in the April meeting.

For more details and some example images take a look at these slides.

Ron Pierce