Macro Photography and Archiving at Henry’s Kanata

crocus by Peter van Boeschoten
Crocus by Peter van Boeschoten

On Sunday May 14th from 9am to noon Henry’s Kanata will be holding a FREE workshop on macro photography.

They are planning these stations:

  1. Archival station
  • Going over different techniques to digitize old analogue memories (slides, negatives, photos), and talking about/demonstrating the best ways to repair old photos that have cracked or slides that have begun to fade and/or discolour.
  1. Perfecting (and trouble shooting) your macro set up
  • Looking at all the various accessories that can compliment or make your macro ambitions more fun and easier to accomplish
  1. Super Macro
  • Normal macro typically gives you a 1:1 ratio, this station is all about taking it further and tackles all of the challenges there are to overcome when shooting at 2:1 and beyond.
  1. Indoor Macro
  • Everything from still life, to jewelry, to miniatures, focus stacking, and water droplets – the cool stuff you could’ve been shooting when it was so cold this past winter!
  1. Outdoor Macro
  • Sunshine, gardens, and macro, oh my.

Attendees will be free to move between stations, and are welcome to spend the whole time at one station (although hopefully there’s enough cool gear and stuff being talked about at each station to warrant a visit) or just hit the ones they want.

This will be less of a presentation, and more of a workshop, so people should bring at the very least their cameras and a memory card (we’ll have a lot of lenses for people to try out) and be ready to do some shooting!

They’re proposing to create a coupon that gets attendees some sort of “private benefit” if some one was interested in purchasing something. Although the event is centered around learning and having some fun with macro gear, this isn’t a sales event.

Henry’s has asked that you pre-register with Henry’s Hazeldean at 613-836-1016.