Macro Photography and Archiving at Henry’s Kanata – Update #2

We previously covered Henry’s on macro and archiving day here and here.

Alex from Henry’s has added the following information on available seats, a free print offer and increased trade in value:

              We are at 25 for the event. We’ve called in back up from another store so we’re capping attendance at 30 instead of 20. So there are still a few spaces left. If we fill up and there’s enough interest we’ll look at running the event again.

                During the event we’re going to have a pro printer set up and everyone is allowed to get one free 13×19 print – so people can bring in a picture on a USB key, or choose to get one of the photos they take during the event printed up for free.

                For the day of, our purchasing department is allowing us to offer an increased 15% trade in value on any items that people would like to bring in. So if someone is hoarding away a working camera or lens, now is the time to bring it in and trade it up for something else. If people do end up getting cut off with the 30 person cap we have on this event then so long as they come in on Sunday afternoon, with proof that they are from the camera club, we can offer them this deal as well. If it’s a camera that they’re looking at trading in they should make sure to bring the camera’s charger and it’s battery. People can call us anytime before the event to find out the value of their gear.