Marg’s Tip For June

Nothing Has Impact Like A Print.

June hints - Nothing has an impact like a print.jpgIf you really want to make an impression on people, make a print.  I know it sounds simple, but a printed piece, especially today, is one of the most powerful, impact things you can do for your photography, and the bigger the print, the more powerful the impact.(Scott Kelby personally thinks the impact size starts at 13 x 9″, but if you can go bigger, like 17 x 22″, it really adds impact.  This is a case where bigger is better).
So why do prints have such an impact these days?
  1. Prints are real.  The rest of the time we are looking at images inside a glass screen on a computer.  We can’t hold them.  We can’t touch them.  They are “inside” a box of some sort.  When you make a print, your image is no longer a bunch of Is and Os and a bunch of digital code.  It’s real.
  2. When you make a print, watch the person’s hands right after you hand them the print.  They start feeling the paper.  Touch is one of our five senses, and when you add touch to your visual sense, your image connects with the viewer on a different level.
  3. There is a certain legitimacy to having prints of your work.  It says something about you, about how serious you take your work, and it’s an investment in your photographic journey.
  4. Prints open doors.  If you want to shoot in a particular location (let’s say it’s a restaurant interior), and you take a large print in to show the restaurant owner the type of work you do, my guess is they will welcome you to shoot in their restaurant. It tactically says, “I’m legit – it’s okay to let me do this”.  Believe me it works wonders.
  5. Prints make an amazing gift.  Think of it this way:How much impact does it have when you mail an image to a friend?  Now, make a nice print, sign it, roll it in a tube, and mail it to them the old fashioned way.  You’ll be amazed at the reaction you get.

There’s power in a print.  Try it once, and you’ll see.

Marg Jackman