More Macro Photo Ops at the Pinhey Dunes

Ghost Tiger Beetle 5
Ghost Tiger Beetle by Amy Lo

If you missed the July 16th event at Pinhey Dunes and would like a chance to take some spectacular macro images like Amy Lo shot, here is a list of the remaining 2017 public tours of the Pinhey Sand Dunes put on by Biodiversity Conservancy International:

  • August 06
    Sand Wasps & Macro Photography
    Watch the super sand diggers
  • August 20
    Giant Robber Fly & Macro Photography
    Observe the 4-5 cm voracious hunters catching prey in flight
  • September 03
    Antlions, Doodle Bugs & Macro Photography
    Observe sand swimmers leaving wiggly trails, building pitfall traps and capturing prey
  • September 10
    Antlions and Giant Robber Fly & Macro Photography
    Last glimpse of 2017 dune biodiversity
  • October (date to be determined)
    Ottawa-Gatineau Geo-Heritage
    Pinhey Sand Dunes System is one of Ottawa Gatineau Geoheritage sites
  • November 05
    Dune Walk (6 km) & Season End Dune Maintenance
    Meet the Pinhey Dunes Watch Group at work

All events start at 10:00. For more information email Biodiversity Conservancy International.