Winter 2019 Biweekly Photo Challenge

Rhythm by Ron Pierce
Rhythm by Ron Pearce

Now that the winter weather has finally arrived, it’s time to grab your camera, head outside and take some fantastic winter photographs of blowing snow, frozen water and dim light. Maybe not! Perhaps you would rather cozy up to a nice warm fire with a cup of hot chocolate. Then why not grab your camera and explore the fascinating world of indoor photography.

This year we are offering a Biweekly Photo Challenge. This Challenge is open to all KSCCC Members. You are all encouraged to participate. Any type of camera and any type of post-processing technique can be used.

Topics (see the Winter 2019 Photo Challenge table below) can be photographed either indoors or outdoors.  Each topic addresses a unique subject.  Each topic may inspire you to take a photograph in a different way using different techniques.

All you need to do is photograph one subject in a two-week period and send your one photo to us by the due date. If you can’t send in a photo for a particular two-week period, try to send us what you can during the course of the Challenge. The goal is to try something new that may inspire you.

Submit photos in the regular way using our Club’s e-mail address, with the words:


In the subject line (where # is replaced with the appropriate photo number).

Photo challenges are a great way to look at new subjects in unique ways and to try different techniques. Inspiration can often be found in the most mundane subject.

During the Challenge period, all submitted photos will be posted in special galleries linked from the Winter Challenge page under Pictures on our website. At the end of the Challenge, photos will be compiled into a video that will be shown at our meeting.

If you have any questions, please contact  me by email.

Ron Pierce

1 Jan 5 Memories Jan 18
2 Jan 19 Silhouette Feb 1
3 Feb 2 Favourite Activity Feb 15
4 Feb 16 Movement Mar 1
5 Mar 2 Minimalist Mar 15
6 Mar 16 Selective Focus Mar 29