CAPA Judging Workshop

A Canadian Association for Photographic Arts (CAPA) Judging Workshop will be held November 23, 2019, RA Centre, Ottawa. There is space available so you can still register! The RA Photo Club is the sponsoring club for this CAPA workshop.

You can register here. Payment can be made on-line during the registration. This judging workshop is of interest and use to those who wish to know more about what it is that judges look for in competitions; not merely individuals interested in becoming certified CAPA judges. In fact the vast majority of attendees at these workshops are people who solely wish to learn how to evaluate their work and do better in competitions, and have no interest in becoming judges themselves. The course takes the attendees through a series of modules on each of the various types of competitions: nature, wildlife, landscape, photo-journalism, etc. It is designed to allow lots of time for discussion and practice in evaluating images, judging, and scoring. CAPA’s comprehensive judging manual is provided to each attendee. All that is required is a pen and open mind.

For additional information about this workshop, please email Rod Trider, Mike Breakey, or Glenn Bloodworth, with “Ottawa Judging Course” in the subject line.

Glenn Bloodworth. Past Chair, RAPC