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With the KSCCC having shut down live meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic, one feature that we have been unable to offer our members is comments and critiques on their images.  The KSCCC website is not a particularly good platform for this, so a few KSCCC members have been testing using a Facebook Group as a place to post images for review.  This is an approach other photo clubs and photo sites are using.

You must have to have a Facebook account to use this service and we have set it up as a private group (Kanata Seniors’ Centre Camera Club), therefore only group members can post and see the images that have been posted.  You must apply to join the group and be approved by the Group Administrator before you can access the group.  Anyone asking to join will be checked against a list before access is granted.  Please be patient, as it may take a day or two before your request to join the group is processed.

You will be able to post an image to this group (no need to worry about resizing, as Facebook takes care of the technical aspects) and other group members will be able to comment on it.  If you want a critique of your image, include the hashtag #Review near the top of your post.

Having your image reviewed and reading comments on other images is one exceptionally good way to improve your own images.  You are also able to download the image, edit it and repost with an explanation as to what you have done.

A demonstration of how this Facebook Group works will be presented at the meeting in November. Additional details on the Facebook Group will be added to our website under the menu Get Help/Facebook Group.