Henry’s Camera Presenting in November

Chuck Desjardins and Vanessa Bradley from Henry’s Camera are presenting “New and Coming Soon Photo Gear” on Friday, November, 6, 2020.

Presentation Overview

  • Introduction
  • New Photo Gear “New and coming Soon”
  • Product Announcements “Sigma new lenses + Olympus News”
  • Mirrorless “Mirrorless VS DSLR”
  • Improving Virtual Meetings “Zoom, Facetime, Microsoft Teams”
  • Eye Focus “it’s a big deal”
  • Pro Tips & Tricks “wildlife, landscape”
  • Help + Gear Insurance
  • Question period

Chuck and Vanessa’s biographies follow:

Chuck Desjardins

Chuck has been a photographer for about 15 years, and has been working with Henry’s for just over 2 years. 

He started out by doing automotive photography using a Nikon D40 and a kit lens. After a couple of years, he upgraded to a D90, and then a D700. During this time, Chuck started doing pet photography for Rescue Organizations. Half his weekends were spent at car shows, the other half at rescue events. He is also the dedicated photographer for Pet Value on Innes Road for all their events. 

Chuck started wildlife photography about 6 or 7 years ago. During this period he switched to a Canon camera, and went through 3 different bodies, striving for the perfect mix of gear. He has traveled to Africa, Mexico, Belize, and Turks and Caicos. Most of his days off are spent shooting wildlife and nature. 

He has recently switched everything to Olympus. The micro 4/3 system is lighter and easier to handle. He started a YouTube channel reviewing different camera gear and shooting wildlife photos. 

For more information check his Facebook page Chuck Desjardins Photography.

Vanessa Bradley

Vanessa is a freelance photographer and employee at Henry’s Kanata for 3 years.

Vanessa is originally from the Niagara region and studied Photography at Niagara College. She has shot everything from in-studio commercial photography to weddings, portraits and enjoys keeping a wide variety of subject matter as her specialty.

She loves plants, and insects and has a history working with butterfly and moth conservation.  She is part of a family of beekeepers (Niagara Honey) and likes to practice macro and fine art photography through these interests as well.

She has had a passion for photography passed down from her father and loves creating and capturing through digital, film, and other various art mediums, like painting and drawing.  For the last 10+ years of her career she has shot using a Nikon.  The oldest camera body she has is a 1964 Nikon F and her most current body is a Mirrorless Nikon Z 6.

For more information check out her Facebook page VBB Photos.