January Camera Club Meeting

The monthly meeting will be held online on January 8th at 9:15 a.m. using Google Meet. For information on how to use Google Meet for our meetings go here. A link to the meeting will be posted on our website the morning of January 7th.

The agenda for the meeting is:

Your images for the assignment and Fix my Pic must be emailed by noon on Sunday, January 3rd to be included in the slideshow. Members can take celebration photos during the holidays, however, we also encourage members to use older photos that have been recently enhanced through some form of post processing. For details on how to submit photos, including formats and titles, go to our Pictures/How to Submit page.

We are always looking for slideshows from members which will be shown, when time permits, during our monthly meetings. For details on how to create a slideshow go to Create a Slideshow and our recent blog posts.

The next assignment is Cellphone Photography (Beyond the Selfie) These images will be shown at the meeting on February 5th.

See you at the meeting.