Photographer’s Rights, Copyrights, Ethics, & Etiquette

The Mississauga Camera Club has invited KSCCC members to attend their next workshop: Photographer’s Rights, Copy Rights, Ethics & Etiquette

We all love photography but sometimes we wonder:

  • Can I take that photo?
  • Is it legal to take that image?
  • Am I breaking any laws?
  • Will I get into trouble?
  • Is it morally or ethically right to take this image?
  • Do I need a model release?
  • What should I have in a model release?
  • What rights do I have as a photographer?
  • How is my work protected?

These and many more questions will be answered in the 1.5 hour presentation and open to questions afterwards.

About the instructor: Peter Gatt

I always wanted to have a career were I could be in nature all day. I first got a taste of Photography in High School. I enjoyed it so much; that I decided to go to Humber College to pursue it as a career. After working in the photographic retail field for many years, I have found many people asking me questions about photography and if I could help them with photography and help them improve their skills as well.

In 2000, I was asked to create and teach classes at the Henry’s School of Imaging. In 2006, I decide to start my own school,  the School of Photography.  

Time: 9:00 am until 11:00 am

Date: October 23rd

Guests are welcome to attend Mississauga Camera Club Workshops at the cost of $20. Click here to register. Once payment has been received, a ZOOM link will be provided. Please ensure your email address is correct.

If you have any questions or issues, please reach out to: