With our current season winding down, we are busy planning for our new 2022/23 season. Thank you to all our club members who identified interesting and ambitious topics for our monthly challenges.

Results from our 2022 Members’ Survey indicate that you would like to extend the time for taking photographs to 12 months. Of course, if you are unable to take photographs in this time, please use photographs from your archive that relate to the monthly challenge.

We are hoping to reconvene in-person monthly meetings at the Kanata Seniors Centre starting in September 2022.

We thought that members would like to get a “sneak peek” at the topics for our monthly challenges for the new season.

So, for those photographers who like to get a jump start on their photography, here is the list of topics. Keep an eye on our website for a full listing of topic descriptions and due dates that will be posted shortly after our June meeting.

Summer Challenge

It’s summer: get outside!!  (Around Ottawa/Gatineau and the Ottawa Valley)

  • Summer has finally arrived! It is time to get outside! There are so many things to see and do in and around Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley. Grab your camera and take some photographs of your favourite location, subject or activity. Perhaps you want to get creative and take a photograph that has a unique perspective or is somewhat ambiguous. Try to stump our club members by having them guess what the photograph actually is about.

Monthly Challenges

  • Animals, Pets
  • Circles
  • Contrast
  • Hands
  • Out of Place, Outliers (what does not belong), Unexpected
  • Pareidolia
  • Still Life
  • Self-Portrait without Self (without your face)
  • Transportation

Ron Pierce