Lorraine Fernando Presenting in October

Lorraine Fernando

Lorraine Fernando will give a presentation on Painting with Light – Bending Pixels on Friday, October 14, 2022.

Lorraine has been photographing for about ten years, and has spent some time trying to find her photographic voice – what interests her, and what types of images she likes to create.

Lorraine’s approach to photography is experimental, and she enjoys creating images using many different techniques.  Her photographs range from the traditional landscapes to impressionistic images. Lorraine is a self-confessed pixel-bender and her preference is to show what cannot be seen with the naked eye.  She sometimes bends her pixels in-camera, with various multiple exposure techniques. Other times, she will look through her existing catalog of images and select one that calls to her and gets to bending, adjusting, blending and mixing, until she likes what she has. Either way, Lorraine gets her best images when she zones out and just plays!

Lorraine’s husband is also a photographer and they enjoy travelling and photographing places.  She has found that she sees and experiences a place very differently as a photographer, looking below the surface and capturing many details that she would never notice if she wasn’t looking through her viewfinder.

For more information go to Lorraine Fernando Photography