Winter Project Challenge

Favorite Activity-PHOTOGRAPHY!! by Ron Pierce

Winter is soon upon us and for interested Club members a special challenge. Starting in December and till the end of April seek out and take pictures that represent your individual winter experiences. There are no set topics, but as an example:

  • December – December/Christmas celebrations
    • Submit by December 30th
  • January – The Beginning
    • The dead of winter things
    • Winter reflections
    • Epiphany, Hannukah
    • Robbie Burns
    • Submit by January 27th
  • February – The end of the Beginning
    • Valentines/things red
    • Cold days – Hot Nights
    • Submit by February 24th
  • March – The Beginning of the End
    • Saint Patrick’s Day, green things
    • Melting Snow/Ice patterns
    • Maple Syrup!
    • Submit by April 7th
  • April – THE END (We hope)
    • Ready to Grow
    • winter tires/potholes, garden sales
    • Easter things
    • New Beginnings
    • Submit by April 28th

Again, these are examples to get your thoughts going. We each experience winter in different ways and the images you submit should reflect your unique experience. It could be a good one. Or a bad one. (Potholes anyone?)

When selecting an image for submission, think that you are writing a newsletter with one image for each month. Submit on the same dates as the regular monthly assignments. Select one image that is your story and submit it as:

  • Winter challenge December by <your name>.jpg