Mario Cerroni

Mario Cerroni TrucksCarp fine art photographer Mario Cerroni will be the feature speaker at our May 5th meeting.

Mario’s Artist Statement says:

Photography has always been a keen interest of mine. Since retiring , I have been actively pursuing this passion as a means of interaction with the world around me.

I have tried to use photography as a way to relate to the world and to try and show my viewers some of the inherent beauty that I find in the rhythms and patterns that I see in nature, architecture, and everyday life.

Much of what I perceive involves an aspect of personification, where I see human emotion and experience in the scenes that I photograph.

Some of the photos I take are scenes from the street. Others are details of architecture that caught my eye. Some are patterns in nature.

All are a small selection of the beauty, stories, and emotions that are evoked by the experience of interacting with the world around me.

You can see more of Mario’s work on his website and his facebook page.