Macro Photography and Archiving at Henry’s Kanata – Update

Henry’s has provided more details on their in-store workshop on macro photography and archiving described in this earlier blog post.

Where: Henry’s Kanata, 501 Hazeldean Rd

When: Sunday May 14th at 9am until ~noon

What: A morning to come into the shop and chat about everything to do with macro. The store will be split up into five different macro stations and participants are welcome to wander between the five stations, splitting up their time equally between each, or only sticking with the one(s) that interest them most.

Each participant should bring, at the very least, their camera and a memory card as every station will have a ‘workshop’ aspect and many lenses will be on demo.


  1. Archival: This station focuses on tackling the challenges that film, slides, and old printed photos create in an increasingly digital world. At this station we will discuss several ways to digitize these non-digital formats by using digital cameras and/or scanners. We will also look at the restoration side of this process, using Lightroom and Photoshop to repair slide and film that has begun to discolour and pictures that have cracked.
  2. Perfecting your macro set-up: This station is about the slightly less fun side of macro photography – here we’ll have a variety of lights, supports, and camera triggers. Everything you need to make macro photography easier. If you already have a macro set up, (camera, lens, tripod, lights, etc …) but find you’re still not getting the quality, or ease of use that you’re looking for, then this station is the one that’ll help you troubleshoot your set up.
  3. Super Macro: Normal macro typically gives you a 1:1 ratio, this station is all about taking it further and tackles all of the challenges there are to overcome when shooting at 2:1 and beyond. On demo we’ll have lenses like the Canon MP-E65mm, to extension tubes, to reverse lens setups. Participants interested in this station should come armed with a lot of patience as the rules of light and aperture and focusing can get a little funny.
  4. Indoor Macro: A station that’s armed with a lot of the fun things you could’ve been shooting this winter. Here we’ll be focusing on things like freezing bouncing water droplets, and focus stacking. Although, this is also the station that will cover general macro photography (ex. Jewelry/product photography, still life, ect…)
    5. Outdoor Macro: While we unfortunately can’t go outside for this station, we will be bringing a garden (or, parts of a garden) into the store. This station focuses mostly on flower/nature photography and branches away from pure macro related topics to also include information about composition and technique.

What is Macro Photography?
At it’s simplest, macro photography is when a subject is projected “life sized”, a 1:1 ratio, onto your camera’s sensor. Macro photography typically requires the use of specialized lenses, lights and other equipment. It is a very subjective genre of photography with subjects ranging from jewelry to insects, organic to mechanical and everything in between.
Macro photography can range from the simple to complex, flowers blooming to bouncing water droplets.

Here are a few links to prepare you for our workshop: