Support Pinhey Sand Dunes

If you enjoyed Dr. Peter Dang’s presentation at our September meeting and would like to support him and Pinhey Sand Dunes, please go to the Great Places in Canada web site and vote for it under the category of 2017 Great Public Space. Voting ends on Friday October 27th.

The the Pinhey Sand Dunes system is a unique desert like habitat and a beautiful 10,000 years old landscape located in the heart of Canada’s Capital.  Biodiversity Conservancy International has been working with the National Capital Commission to restore this habitat from its near destruction since 2011 to reclaim the vital living space for hundreds of species of dune dwelling insects, spiders and other invertebrates, and many native plant species, of which many are threatened with extirpation. 


The Pinhey Sand Dunes are now an open class room for biological and geological studies where elementary, high school and university students in Ottawa-Carleton and local citizens come to study, photograph, exercise and enjoy the beauty of this rare landscape.