Replacing Pictures in the Seniors’ Centre

The KSCCC has six pictures hanging in the Seniors’ Centre. Because of the Covid shut down the current pictures have been hanging since January 2020. Historically, the KSCCC has swapped pictures out every four or so months to allow more of our great work to be displayed. We would like to get that process started again beginning in January 2023. This blog post explains how members can submit their pictures for display at the Seniors’ Centre.

Our current plan is to change the pictures three times a year: at the end of January; the end of May; and, the end of September. This will keep things fresh for Seniors’ Centre visitors and give all KSCCC members more opportunities to show off their work. Currently, we are not planning to curate the pictures or propose themes. We’re looking for pictures of broad interest (P.G. of course!) Travel, nature, wildlife, landscapes, architecture, people, creative, macro, all would be good ideas for pictures.

We encourage all KSCCC members to participate. This is not a competition and we are not looking for the “best” pictures. We are looking for good pictures, which KSCCC members are proud to display and that Seniors’ Centre members would enjoy seeing. To support participation, we will be tracking how many times members have had their pictures hung at the Centre. Generally, pictures will be accepted in the order submitted; however, from time-to-time we will choose pictures from members who have not yet had a picture displayed over those who have had several pictures hung. Also, if the particular mix of pictures in the order submitted, leans too heavily in one direction (for example, pets), we may choose other submitted pictures for variety. All submitted pictures will remain in the Queue until displayed. We will update KSCCC members on the need for pictures at the regular monthly meeting, as necessary, and will email you to let you know when your picture will be displayed.

Submission Process and Requirements

Due to framing and matting limitations, all pictures should be cropped to an 8×10 aspect ratio (portrait or landscape) and be printed at 8”x10” (portrait or landscape). The visible part of the picture will be about 7.6”x9.6”.

The pictures should be printed with a glossy finish, as opposed to a matt finish. To submit your picture, we ask that you first submit your picture through the regular monthly meeting process for viewing and reviewing pictures as explained here. If necessary you can use the “General” category. Please note in the body of your email, that you are submitting the picture for display in the Seniors’ Centre. Anytime after the review, you can have your picture printed and drop it off in an envelope, at the front desk at the Seniors’ Centre. The envelope should be addressed as follows:

From:Your Name
Date:The date you drop the picture off
To:KSC Camera Club
Attention:Jan & Bruce Turner

When the pictures come down

When pictures come down, we will place them in a binder which will be available at camera club meetings and other events for viewing. If any members want their pictures back they can simply retrieve them from the binder.

If you have any questions or comments, please send them to attention Jan & Bruce Turner or talk to Jan or Bruce at the next meeting. We’re looking forward to your participation, and the Seniors’ Centre is excited to see your new work.

Jan & Bruce Turner