Future Plans

At today’s steering committee meeting, the following three events were tentatively planned:

  • a hands-on workshop designed to make the members more familiar with their camera functions tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, 13 January, from 1-4 pm.
  • a workshop to help members create slide shows using various software platforms (e.g. Pro Show Gold, Pictures to EXE, etc). tentatively scheduled for Thursday, 14 April, from 1-4 pm.
  • if members would be willing to prepare and share short slide shows (3 to 4 minutes) to show at the May meeting. This will be after many members will have taken winter holidays and may be willing to share their experiences and after the club’s slide show preparation seminar.

Please let us know what you think of these ideas.

Tips for Fall Landscape Photography

Dusty Doddridge at Digital Photography School has a published series of excellent tips for fall landscape photography including:

  • Use a longer focal length lens
  • Use a wide aperture to isolate the subject
  • Make fall color the secondary subject
  • Look for patterns and textures
  • Be patient and wait for interesting or dramatic light
  • Experiment with intentional camera movement
  • Look for elements that contrast the fall color
  • Don’t forget to look up

For more details and examples, see the full article.

Free Portraits at KSC

The following dates and times have been reserved for the free portrait sessions in Hall C, at the Kanata Seniors’ Centre:

  • Thursday, 12 November, 1 pm – 4 pm
  • Friday, 13 November, 8 am – 12 pm
  • Friday, 20 November, 8 am – 12 pm
  • Thursday, 26 November, 8 am – 12pm

Depending on registration, I foresee up to 3 photographers and 3 assistants each day.

Unlike the portrait workshop last January, and the paparazzi situation, each photographer will be responsible for their own set up and will interact with one client at a time. The room has adequate natural light – tin foil on a board may work for fill in light. I think with a little ingenuity we can come up with photo stations. Not to worry – it’s free, it’s fun, for everyone.

I have scheduled the registration to begin a half hour later than the time booked (to give us time for set up) and each session will be approximately, 20 minutes.

Janet Baigent , who will advertise this fun, free event, will take registration, suggest the ‘client’ wear plain coloured clothing; bring props if desired, and provide us with an email address where we will send the photos.

I will also provide a form that the client will fill out when they come to the session, with their name writ large and with an email address. Holding up the sign like a captured prisoner, it can be the first photo taken so we can identify the name with the portraits.

It may be necessary for us to drum up business and convince wary customers to our lair. If photographers/assistants volunteer to visit the Centre one morning to talk to the interest groups, people may be more willing to register since they are comfortable surrounded by their friends, and there may be added interest/appeal when others are signing up.

I am keen to be there all four days. Amy Lo has expressed an interest in the first two sessions. Others have indicated an interest, but I would appreciate a commitment and fill in the time slots. Please email me if you are interested in photographing or assisting.

Sue Carey