148 Photo Editing Tools and Apps

If you’re looking for software to process and display your images, this article from Petapixel lists 148 Photo Editing Tools and Apps for mac, Windows, iOS, Android and the web in the following categories:

  • Photo enhancers
  • Online editors
  • Free desktop editors
  • Paid desktop editors
  • HDR photo editors
  • Cross-platform image editors
  • Photo filters
  • Photo editing mobile apps
  • RAW processors
  • Photo viewers and managers
  • Other

Some are free; some must be purchased.


If you want to get some great pictures of some exotic flowers, the Ottawa Orchid Society annual show will be held April 16th and 17th at the RA Centre, 2451 Riverside Drive. Photographers are only allowed to use tripods 9-11 on Sunday.

PowerPoint Presentation

Got more details, visit their web site.

Photoshop Layers Basics

At the March meeting we ran out of time for John to present the video on Photoshop layers. Hopefully we’ll have time to present it at the May meeting. Meanwhile you can watch the video yourself here.

PicturesToExe & ProShowGold

At the March meeting, Ken showed off his first slideshow that he made with PicturesToExe and a little help from Catherine Easton. A great first effort. The program is available here for $69US.

Frank Knor recommended ProShowGold which is available here for $69.95US and comes with a library of music which has no copyright restrictions.

Both programs provide free versions that you can try before you buy.