Links from March 5th Meeting

In Manfred’s presentation he mentioned this paper on Evaluating the Rule of Thirds in Photographs and Paintings.

Sue Carey sent along this excerpt from Freeman Patterson’s newsletter:

I’d also like to draw your attention to, produced by Parimal Deshpande and hosted by him and the internationally-renowned photographer, Art Wolfe, both from Seattle. This is a series of stimulating conversations with photographers from around the world, selected by Art and centred on some of their images. The series is a work-in-progress; you can view those already filmed and there are more to come. Don’t miss the compelling conversation with Wade Davis, the Canadian anthropologist and photographer, who was explorer-in-residence at National Geographic for several years. (My conversation on SYMBOLS and MEANING will be recorded March 2. View live on, on, and live or for up to a year on YouTube:

Composition Tips

We are lucky to have photography as our hobby.  During this difficult time we still can use our cameras to express ourselves by capturing images we see in our minds.  Composition plays a big role in making our photos most appealing.  This video gives a great summary of some major composition forms. May you enjoy it as I do.  Be safe.

Frank Knor

While Walking Though Beaverbrook

On our daily walks in our  neighbourhood , we find stones some residents painted and distributed along paths…

health care.jpg

… to thank health care workers …

Cheer up.jpg

… to cheer you up …


… to make sure you do not feel alone …


… to make you feel strong …


 … to make you happy.  

Peter von Moos

Photo Exhibitions

Sandy Sharkey, who presented her brilliant images of wild horses at our club in November 2018, has an exhibition at the LaLande + Doyle exhibition space in the lower lobby area at Shenkman Arts Centre until February 23rd. You can meet Sandy there on Sunday afternoon February 16 from 1-3 pm. More information here.

The School of Photographic Arts of Ottawa is showing Meditations on Black Lake by internationally acclaimed Montreal-based artist Nadia Myre at their gallery located at 77 Pamilla Street just east of Preston Street. This exhibition continues Monday-Saturday 12-5 until March 6. More information here.

Congratulations to Debbie Pinard

Congratulations to Kanata Seniors Centre Camera Club member Debbie Pinard whose image:

Anticipation by Debbie Pinard

was selected by flicker as a nominee in the Your Best Shot 2019 competition.

In addition to the images Debbie has submitted to our club, you can see more her work in her flickr albums. Debbie has also submitted a couple of slideshows which will be show at our March meeting.