Get Photography Help

If you missed our recent “Learn your camera” workshop, don’t despair. Before every monthly meeting the Mentors are available to help you with issues you have with your camera. They are also there to help you improve your photography with ideas on composition and post processing. Between meetings they can be reached by phone and email.

One-on-one help is also available from the Seniors Council Computer Tutors on topics such as:

  • transferring your images from your camera to your computer
  • organizing your images
  • backing up your images
  • processing your images using Photoshop Elements or Picasa,
  • sharing your images using web sites like Flickr (used for the club galleries)
  • making slide shows

One hour sessions can be booked at the front desk for $8. Three one hour sessions can be booked for $20.

At today’s steering committee meeting Sue Carey reminded us that, if you have a library card from the Ottawa Public Library, you have free access to all 4300 professionally created courses for creatives at Some of that photography topics include:

  • Cameras + Gear (106)
  • Raw Processing (77)
  • Masking + Compositing (67)
  • Portraits (61)
  • Photo Management (53)
  • Lighting (52)
  • Sharing Photos (43)
  • Retouching (40)
  • Printing Photos (24)
  • Color Correction (23)
  • Photography Foundations(22)
  • iPhone, iPod, iPad (17)
  • HDR (16)
  • Night + Low Light (16)

(numbers indicate how many courses are available under each topic)

Normally this access would cost $30 per month.

Just go here to begin.

Explore Your Camera Workshop

Sue helping out

Many camera club members got together on January 13th and had a great time learning more about their cameras.

Under the guidance of Sue Carey, and with the assistance of members of the Camera Club Executive, topics included aperture priority, shutter priority, manual fixed focus, lighting, portraits, spot versus matrix metering, and exposure compensation.

More pictures of participants and some of their results are in this gallery. The handouts are here.

Special thanks to Sue Carey for coming up with the idea for the workshop and for making it happen.


In case you missed it

In case you missed the excellent “play with your camera” exercise session organized by Sue Carey (WAY TO GO SUE !!!) aided by several members of the camera club executive,  this recent post from Digital Photography School titled “Do These 5 Quick Exercises to Learn What Your New Camera Can Do” will help you fill in the gaps.

It’s part of their series of posts for beginning photographers which also included:

Play with your Camera

Come to the Centre Wednesday afternoon January 13th from 1:00 to 3:00 in the Program Room. Bring your camera, its manual, and your tripod (if you have one).

Visit our several “learning stations” where  you’ll be able  to experiment with:

  • aperture priority
  • shutter priority
  • manually fix focus
  • lighting
  • portraits
  • spot metering
  • exposure compensation
  • using a soft box